Glamorous life! From bed to stage and back again!

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Uploaded 17th Jun 2007 at 1:22 AM

Maybe because I had so much stress last week I wanted to indulge and reward myself with something quite "nice" and lovely to look at, and so I sharpened my pen and created those hot new outfits for all of my male beauties. Not 100% selfish I decided to share my creations with u!

My first model on the Veronaville catwalk is a new version of the "Callboy"-outfit I did with the "platform-heels-mesh" some days ago. I changed it a little, so our sims dears will not only wear this cool hot stuff in bed; it appears in "everyday", too.

My second creation is a whiff of lameé for all who love glam and glitter. Golden undies for golden boys!

The third on stage is again a mixture of gold and leather! And a sinful shirt that shows more than it hides... O my... I cannot deny: I really love those sleeves and over-knee boots!

Last but not least again my most beloved matherial: leather, leather, leather! Ssssimple and easy, tight, short(s) and ssssexy!

What the hell are u doing outside?!? Come back to bed, boys! :D

Additional Credits:
My, o my: my credids again will go to "SephirothScars" for this adorable "Vincent-Valentine"-hairmesh
the 1001th time to "Ren" for elf-ears and earrings,
"SussiSoGoodSims" for her sexy facial scars
and all the other artists who make my males rise and shine. Thanxx a lot!

Tags: #"gothic", #"fetish", #"black leather", #"undies", #"underwear", #"sexy", #"golden"