** Event Planner Career -- Adults ** Custom Icon Included!

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Uploaded: 17th Jun 2007 at 12:24 PM
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Inspired by watching The Wedding Planner way too many times (sigh!), here is an Event Planner Career for Adults.

The Event Planner Career does not overwrite any base or custom careers. It does have a reward object and it's own custom icon!! Woohoo! The reward object is the teleprompter.

This is EP ready! I play with all to date expansion packs and encountered no problems.

There are chance cards for levels 1 - 9! They are written in first person since writing it the other way around just felt kind of weird to me and didn't seem right.

Descriptions of each career level is below. Enjoy and happy Simming!

Level 1: Setup Crew
You had to start somewhere in the business and this is where you landed. You work on the set up crew, and it's a fairly basic job. You help get events ready, refer to the coordinator's designs, clear any adjustments when they're needed, and disassemble all your hard work after picking up trash, left over food, and decorations. Hey, someone has to do it, and that someone is you.

Level 2: Receptionist
You've taken a step up in the world – a small but important step! Coming out of the crew, you're stationed at the main desk for the firm you're working for. You handle and direct all incoming calls, take messages, sign for deliveries, hand out assignment schedules to the crew and direct traffic when things become a bit chaotic at the firm. A simple enough job but one that could easily get you noticed by the people who really matter: the coordinators.

Level 3: Junior Associate
After putting in your time at the desk, you've managed to join one of the coordinator's teams as a Junior Associate. You're mostly the assistant to the assistant of an assistant to the personal assistant of the coordinator. Got that? Good. In simple terms: you're a low level gopher. You pick up the slack where needed, don't really get to voice your concept and design ideas, and you have a strictly outside look at the events – don't be expecting any special invites yet.

Level 4: Associate
No longer are a you a low level gopher! You are now merely a gopher – but you get some perks! No, your ideas really won't be listened to yet, though you've been invited to jot them down, and they'll get passed along the chain. C'est la vie. However, you do get to see the more hands-on approach that the coordinators use, as well getting to play tag-along when someone above you can't make it for one reason or another. That's something... isn't it?

Level 5: Assistant

Guess what? You're no longer a gopher! You're a key member of the design and planning team now, and not only do you get to actually voice your suggestions and ideas, someone might actually be listening! Although the core work is still left to the coordinator – just keep telling yourself that you're almost there! -- you get to personally participate in seeing a project come to life in initial planning stages, meet some of the clients (not to mention you've snagged an autograph or two from the more high profile clients), and you're right there for each and every event your coordinator or planner hosts. Pretty soon you'll actually be doing the hobnobbing instead of watching!

Level 6: Personal Assistant
Whoever said Michelangelo was a gifted genius never met his assistant, for truly the Personal Assistant had to have been the gifted genius to put up with what you put up with. You know your Coordinator's life better than your own, as well as their schedule, their client's schedules, their likes and dislikes, their clients' likes and dislikes, and anything and everything under the sun and moon about your Coordinator and their clients. You're fairly sure that you left yourself somewhere on Mars. The bright side is you get to do some minor coordinating for the smaller projects your Coordinator simply can't take in. Sure, they still get the credit, but sooner or later that's going to be you.

Level 7: Meeting Coordinator
Ah, sweet life! Kick back and relax, you have left the dizzying world of being an Associate and/or an Assistant behind! Granted, the firm has shuffled meetings to you to handle, and that can be fairly mundane after a while (truly, how many different table designs can be done in a standard meeting room or ballroom?), but it's an important step up. Your clients are mostly the staid professional types with very specific requirements – no breaking the mold here – but they know people, and the more people they know, the more people you'll eventually know.

Level 8: Party Planner
Your talents are finally being recognized and this is your chance to really start spreading your creative wings! You've moved on from those boring meetings to doing a complete turn around into the thrill and excitement of party planning! Some of the affairs are for corporations, where you can't be as creative as you'd like, but some are for the affluent and/or wealthy who throw some of the best and lavish parties around. That's where you'll really be doing your networking and building a clientèle list to further your career goals. By the way... you've got your own crew of Assistants and Associates now. My, how the tides have changed!

Level 9: Wedding Planner

This is what it's all about! ... Well, almost. It's time to put some elegance and charm into your work as you work some major mojo in making the most memorable day of your clients' lives: their wedding day! From exotic locations to exotic birds, lavish gowns and glittering tiaras, tailored suits and engraved wedding bands, to making sure everyone – including the father of the bride – is in their right places at precisely the right time (to of course match the angelic sounds of the choir or four piece orchestra, and the grand opening of the doors so the bride can make her dramatically beautiful entrance), your job is sometimes never ending. You'll be living and breathing romance and hopefully loving every minute of it!

Level 10: Celebrity Coordinator

Your parties hit the top of the "Must Attend" list. Your weddings have been featured on every bridal magazine. Your client lists take up three Rolodexs. Your name alone is linked to the best of the best, and now you're being featured to the entire Sim Nation on television with your very own hit show that'll give tips, hints, and tricks to the average Sim so they too can create fabulous parties and weddings. Of course, you're still taking on your own projects, but you've landed yourself on top of the Event Planner world! Martha Styme, eat your heart out!

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