Tasty Tins o' Beverage - Soda, Beer, V8 (Non-Default, 9 Flavours)

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Uploaded: 19th Jul 2007 at 2:34 AM
Updated: 14th Mar 2014 at 4:15 AM - adding "related pages"
Yum! New drinks! Find them in the fridge under "Have a Drink" and "Serve Drinks". Children can pick up the beer cans but they can't drink from them. All the drinks satisfy hunger and can be fattening, so look out!

Unlike my previous default-replacement versions, these drinks can all be used at the same time. They can be placed in the OFB display cases and sold, and serving platter leftovers can be stored in the fridge with Seasons. I'm not entirely sure if they require any specific EPs, but they don't work with only the basegame. If you have no EPs, download fireflies' base-game compatible versions here and here instead of these. Thank you so much, fireflies!

You can also use one of my default versions to stop the Maxis "Instant Meal" from showing in meal menus. Just install one default file - for example, use the default coke instead of this coke - plus any other non-default cans from this set. I suggest you avoid using the default Guinness beer along with the Budweiser from this set, because the default Guinness is simply called "Beer" which might be confusing. The beers in this set are called "Guinness Beer" and "Budweiser Beer".

Quick Links: fireflies' base-game versions here and here | 15 more flavours | default-replacements

FreeTime EP Fix: If you have the FreeTime Expansion Pack, please install this mod by fway. It fixes some issues with custom drinks and cooking contests. More information available in fway's post.

Minor Update [07/25/07]: Fixed some of the catalog descriptions so they're more... descriptive. If you choose to re-download, just let these files overwrite the old ones.

Additional Credits:
Huge thanks to Echo for this tutorial which was an enormous help when things wouldn't work. Thanks also go to wes_h... something Wes said while helping with this mesh helped me fix these drinks! Thanks to Eachan Khan and DAWUSS for testing with the basegame only. And of course, thanks to the creators of SimPE, Delphy, and everyone who helps keep this place running. This wouldn't be possible without all of you.