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Oh! Those Toes! - Torn and Patched Everyday Outfit for Sweet Guys ( new mesh )

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Uploaded 27th Jul 2007 at 9:54 PM · Updated 9th Oct 2012 at 7:26 PM by noretus

Please note that this is a super old creation and as such, I haven't got any idea what the heck I was doing at the time so if you have any questions, I most likely won't be able to answer them!

Hello again~

Although this is the biggest package I've uploaded, it wasn't that hard to make ( and I have alot of time ) so here you go with my creations again!

This is a full-body mesh/outfit that's sort of ripped and worn, with cute patches here and there and stitched up torns. Also, this outfit doesn't have shoes so your Sim will be on his bare feet :3 Two of the recolors have a sock on other foot though. I just thought it was sweet ^^;

For the base mesh I used one of the pants with no shirt from the Sleepwear department.

I'm sorry if the images aren't very good. I had hard time figuring out how to get the full body into the pic without the pic looking boring :E

The mesh is slightly skinnier then your average Sim but it's barely noticable ( just enough so your boy looks a bit starved XD; ).

And here's a bunch of recolors ( with also recolored patches and whatnot, except the polka dot one on the knee because I felt that had to be red/white ^^; )

I hope you enjoy this creation!
Oh, and wash separately!

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Give credit when needed.

Polygon Counts:
Faces: 1916
Verticles: 1305

Additional Credits: Fanseelamb for shirt textures/alphas I used for the base.
I know, I always use them but they're just perfect hehe.
The pants texture/alpha is from the original pants.

Tags: #worn, #patched, #ragged, #ragdoll, #skinny