20 Gothic Triple Chokers for Males Set 2 of 2

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Uploaded 4th Aug 2007 at 3:58 AM

Here is the remainder of my 20 Gothic Triple Chokers for Males collection. Most of the pendants I used were available for the female necklaces in my other collection and several people liked to see them for males, and frankly, I did too. Luckily I found a mesh that actually worked in my body shop and is fitting with this style. These necklaces do not require any expansion pack but needs Aikea Guinea's mesh, unfortunately it was deleted so I included it with each necklace Like always, there is a separate file for each necklace in case you like one or two and a file of the whole set if you like them all.

The last pendant I spotted on several rock musicians and was compelled to include this in my collection, plus, I was short one necklace (that atleast looked masculine).I HAVE to have things in even numbers because I'm anal retentive like that
So there you go, this set along with the first set will give you 20 necklaces for your male sims, that's alot to choose from.

As of now, I'm not taking requests, mainly sim requests because sims take alot of time and are hard to make and it's hard to keep up with the demand. However, you can make suggestions and I'll look into them as possible projects, but I'm not making any promises
Well there you have it, give thanks, comment and tell me which is your favourites, I'm always curious to know. Like always, thanks and happy simming!!