Brady Bunch TV House

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Uploaded 5th Aug 2007 at 11:39 AM · Updated 8th Aug 2007 at 10:58 AM by Kimdelee

Here's the story, of a lovely lady.... Yes, it's the Bradys! Here I have for you the home of the Brady Bunch. For anyone needing a real challenge, try and recreate the whole Brady family and see if they all survive. This is my first official house submission to MTS2, and the only one I ever submitted in a Sims1 version to TSR back in the day. I had a little trouble with this one, as there is no real second floor plan. The rooms mysteriously shifted from time to time, depending on the episode. I did my best to logically recreate the upstairs. Extra bathroom added by kitchen in a place that would have been “off-camera”, as well as a bathroom included with Alice’s room. All to make it a bit more playable so you don’t have 8 sims fighting over 2 toilets.
This groovy place comes complete with Shag carpet and wood paneling, that in any 70's home is a must have!

You will notice a lot of empty space on the second floor, I did this only so that the house looked halfway decent from the outside point of view, as the inner and outer version of the home were obviously different. I think it looks pretty good though.

This has been cleaned and checked with Clean Installer, no hacks!
I have included a bunch of pics of the house and my Bradys doing their thing. If you have any questions about the clothes or whatnot, I will provide any info so you can DL those items for your sims too! I admit I'm bad at male simming, but think the girls all look like the tv stars they are impersonating.

All CC or recolors included is of course free from here or other free sites. All walls were originally created by Tiggerypum for the Sims1 which she sent to me (Thank you!). I then cleaned and retouched them for use in Sims2. Recolors made by myself of Maxis' Craftmeister Pine Bed, Retratech Office Pal Desk, Upright Column, Simple Staircase and Perfectly Plank Halfwall.

There are a few items which by either Creator Guidelines or they are pay, I was not able to include. They will however make this lot closer to the real thing if you go DL and include them.
1.Astroturf terrain paint by Rapsheba555 found here on MTS2.
2.Drafting/Architech desk for Mr. Bradys den found at Retail Sims. Desk
3.Bunkbed for Peter and Bobby. Originally I found one at Yuppysims I liked a lot, but it is pay. Then I decided to use the one here created from the Craftmeister Pine bed.
However for some reason the loft part wouldn’t take my recolor at all. I am in the process of recoloring the boys and girls base beds at the very least, and when I finish my recolor I will add it to this thread.

Update 8-8 I made Maxis recolors of the boys and girls bedding. I saw a pic on the web and knew they must be changed! (plus Im a perfectionist) I also have a better recolor of the Craftmeister Pine bed for the boys and one of the Teak bed for the girls. You should be able to just use the design tool once you install these.

Lot Size: 4x5
Lot Price: 125,215

Custom Content by Me:
- Black paint
- Mission wood recolor of Console Stereo System
- Wood recolor of Transformable wall shelf
- Recolor of RGiles Scarborough Counter Set
- Brady Horse Wall 1
- Retro flower Girls Wall
- Brady Wall Main
- Brady Stair Wall 1
- Brady Stair Wall 2
- Brady Horse Wall 2
- Brady Wall Paneling
- Brady Hall Wall
- Brady Horse Wall 3
- Brady Stone Wall
- Brady Fireplace Wall

Custom Content Included:
- Outdoor Lantern - by Numenor by Numenor
- Paradise Widemirror Surprise by Peter Halland
- Myne Cafeteria Table by rebecah
- On-counter Ceramic Hob by boblishman
- Recolor of Ceramic Hub in White by boblishman
- Laundry Basket "Claude" by hopebayler
- Compact Ironing Center by by Katy&Smithycpl
- Console Stereo System by CTNutmegger
- NuMica Folding Card Table by jpaugh78
- Station Wagon by Fresh-Prince
- 3-tile Club Distress Avignon Rectangular Coffee Table by IgnorantBliss
- Ironing Center recolor by hopebayler
- Laundry Hamper recolor by hopebayler
- "Counter Culture" Modular Kitchen set - Counter - Multi-Junction by MaryLou & Numenor
- Max3D 14" MicroVid Television by Max3D
- Gentrific "Flame-O-Rama" Fireplace WITHOUT CHIMNEY by mia86
- "Illumutations" - Transformable wall shelf with built-in lights by Numenor
- Scarborough Collection, Parsley Short Cabinet by simsistic
- Scarborough Collection, Parsley Cabinet by simsistic
- Scarborough Collection, Thyme Left Corner Display by simsistic
- Scarborough Collection, Thyme Right Corner Display by simsistic
- Scarborough Collection, Rosemary Counter by VAMPY BITES V^^^^V
- Balcão "Contra Cultura" by VAMPY BITES V^^^^V
- Scarborough Collection, Thyme Counter by RGiles
- SimTech2 Wall Modern Double Oven by SimTech2
- PINEGULTCHER Outdoor Minitable by ta539
- NuMica Folding Card Table by jpaugh78
- 1974 Zookinith Console Television by zookini
- Gaudy Seventies Lamp by zookini

Additional Credits:
I almost forgot to say a big thanks to the WCIF forum for helping me track down the last few, hard to find items I needed to make this house feel as realistic and retro as possible. Thank you to the guys at SimTech2 for specifically making the double oven with the flat face just for me! Thanks to TiggeryPum for giving me the idea when I found her Sims site about 5 years ago. Lastly, another Thank you to Numenor for help with the Multi-Junction recolor. Oh and BIG thanks to Rapsheba555 for helping me go thru the lot to get it uploaded.

SimPE, Photoshop Elements, all the creators of the wonderful stuff that made this lot what it is!

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