Eye Candy Collection - geneticised and townie-ready eyes + defaults + contacts

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Uploaded: 10th Aug 2007 at 2:02 AM
Updated: 10th Aug 2007 at 8:40 PM - Improper formatting
This is an eye set I created for my own personal use - I abhorred the maxis dull, cataract-laden eyes, but wanted to keep my sims mildly cartoonish.

At first I set out to do only some default replacements to override the maxis eyes, but got sidetracked and did several more colours. And since I wanted them to show up in my game as well, when the game generated townies, I sought a tutorial to make them townie-ready, and geneticised all the eyes, while I was at it (so that the custom eyes wouldn't overtake the neighbourhood).
So, the two darkest shades of blue and all the browns are dominant (genetic value 1) while all the other eye colours are recessive (genetic value 2). I didn't use genetic values of 3 and 4 because I find them too recessive, but you may alter the files as you wish.

If you download the default replacement package as well as the genetic eyes rar, you should delete five packages once you un-rar the genetic eyes folder, since you won't need (or want) duplicates. Those packages are the ones pertaining to the brown, dark blue, blue, green and grey eyes - they are easily identifiable by their filenames.

... And since you I wanted some more (apparent) diversity in my already-existing sims, I turned the eyes into contact lenses as well...

These eyes look fine with the maxis skin (as shown in one of the pics below, where I recruited Angela Pleasant to model them for me), but work just as great with better looking custom skins - my two other models are using Lin's Edition of Simcribbling Louis#7 Skintone

Installation: just grab 'em, un-rar 'em, and place 'em on your downloads folder.
*Remeber not to have in your downloads folder two sets of eye defaults replacements*

Uninstallation: simply take them out of your downloads folder.
*If there is an eye colour you do not wish to keep, remember to remove it before any townie is spawned/any sim is created with it - I don't know what will happen to a sim using a custom eye if that eye's package is removed, and it's better to be safe than sorry*

Redistribution policy: do whatever you want with these, except uploading them on pay sites or claiming credit for them.

Additional Credits:
-- SimPE -- The wonderful tutorials section on this site