The Woodcutter's Cottage, by Skye

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Here is the woodcutters Hut, by Skye, where the poor woodcutter, his wife, and two children Hansel and Gretel live. It’s a poor man’s home, but they are kept comfortable with the love they all share with one another.
The home has a beautiful waterfall nearby, that they can shower in, and at the bottom of the waterfall they can swim in it, surrounded by the beauty of nature.
Part of the Hansel and Gretel theme.

And to decorate it, you will want my furniture, "the poor man's set" here:
It is presented to you here unfurnished.
This lot cost $26,338
Lot size is 3 x 3
I have all EP’s/Sps except BV, H&M and Teen Style stuff.


Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: $26,338

Custom Content by Me:
- These floorboards may look worn and battered, but that's because they've stood up to decades of use on stages throughout Studio Town. Also available in parquet

- Ye Olde Villa ain't the same as she used to be, put together by lumber, and mud, found around the farm, by skye
- Ye Olde Villa ain't the same as she used to be, put together by lumber found around the farm, by skye
Custom Content Included:
- GC_0009 by kokosims

Additional Credits:
Komosims! Thanks a bunch for the use of your great water!
Tracey (Sim_Me), for all your patience, getting me through with your tutorials!