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20 Maxis Floors as Terrain Paint

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 7th Dec 2007 at 6:48 AM
Updated: 3rd Aug 2008 at 1:17 AM
Please be aware: ALL custom terrain paint is BAD. It CANNOT be removed from a downloaded lot using CleanInstaller. Attempting that corrupts the lot and causes it to flash blue. PLEASE be aware of this whenever you create a lot for upload that contains CC terrain paint. Thanks!

So this isn't my most creative upload ever, but I just had all four wisdom teeth out yesterday morning, so I can barely think straight, much less be creative. I've wanted some good terrain paint besides just grass and dirt for a while now. I like the look of stone pavers blending into the grass, or wood boards blending in with the sand. It looks more natural to me than angular cuts. I went through Homecrafter and made every single floor tile that remotely resembled something decently transferable, had about 70. Then I loaded it into my game and deleted out the bad ones. Apparently, the scale of a floor tile to terrain paint is VASTLY different. Had I known that in the beginning, I would have scaled them smaller first. That being said, I actually like the size difference that was accidentally created. It gives you a terrain paint that matches the floor tile without just duplicating it.

I was hoping that maybe these would come in handy for anyone making a rural lot for this month's contest. Overgrown, well at least not precise angular edges, seem to me to go hand in hand with farms and rural communities. My granny had a farm that had a nice stone pathway years and years ago, now you can just barely tell that it used to be there. That was what inspired this entire set, a faint memory of a forgotten walkway.

Now, the other good thing that has come out of me being on bed rest after surgery is that I've been getting insanely organized. Which means, when you download these, they won't be named something random like 78y634952bhgd.package. Oh no, instead you will find terrainPaint_Phaenoh_(NameOfFlooring).package. The names are all from the original Maxis tiles they were based off of and the descriptions are nearly identical as well. (Whenever there was a reference to 'floor' or home' or 'interior' they got changed to reflect that these are ground covers instead.) They all also say " - Converted by Phaenoh" at the end. Yes, I'm being a bit obsessive, but if my jaw wasn't hurting so dang much, I'd totally have Photoshop out right now doing some more default replacement clothes. (I just got all the stuff packs, why didn't anyone TELL me there are some awful clothes in them!) Anyways, I'll be stuck here until about Saturday hopefully I'll be able to get back to my other projects soon.

Also, deviation from my upload policy for these terrainPaints only! YES, you may include them in your uploaded lots with credit to me and link back here! I've heard some nasty stories with using CleanInstaller to remove terrainPaints, and these are more or less just Maxis anyways. I'd love to see these paints get used in some lots for the Farm/Rural Contest, send me a PM if you do use them, I'd love to see what you did and to root for you!


P.S. I love reading comments, it really brightens my day, especially since these last days have been pretty suck.

Additional Credits:
My dentist. Without him, I prolly never would have bothered with making these.