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Jessica - Vogue Fashionista

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Uploaded 18th Dec 2007 at 8:33 PM · Updated 19th Dec 2007 at 11:53 AM by primera

Here is Jessica. Her close friends call her Vogue Fashionista cause of her elegant and glamorous look everywhere. She is 27 years old. She is the editor of the one of the famous magazines in her big city.

Jessica don't know the word "to loose". She only win. She's got the perfect sense of style. Her look and sophisticated style attract. She is the devil in the female body. She loves shopping in expensive boutiques.

At VIP parties she is the appears often. Maybe in a bit frank, but stylish dresses. She can dance wery well.

With boys she is not so lucky. Maybe because she is a strong woman and she needs a strong man or maybe of her character, obstinacy and inaccessibility... I hope you can find a man for her.

* * *

Jessica is packed with maxis hair and lingerie by me (do not need mesh). Here is her bodyshop shoot:

Don't claim her as your own, don't upload her anywhere.
You can use her in your stories, as model of your content etc...

Custom content seen at the pictures:
Hair: Victoria hair by Kavar, hair from, hair from divinosims2.
Clothing: From stylistsims and La Jeunesse. Black sexy dress is by me.
Other stuff is shown in CC list or is maxis'.

Custom Content by Me:
- Jessica
- Eyebrow pencil "black"
- Rouge Dior lipstick #7
- Extravaganza lashes set "Hatred"
- lingerie #2 by Primera

Custom Content Included:
- Gemstones - Tiger's Eye - [email protected] by bruno
- helaene_diorblush - golden earth by helaene
- Eyelights - Blackout - [email protected] by bruno
- [email protected] by corvidophile2

Additional Credits:
Thanks to all the creators of custom content at the pictures.

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