T'Lara~ Vulcan Female

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Uploaded: 22nd Dec 2007 at 4:47 AM
Updated: 23rd Dec 2007 at 6:34 AM
Hello, I confess, I'm a trekkie. This is T'Lara and she is vulcan. I originally merely intended to create a good looking vulcan but the more I look at her the more I think she resembles Sub-Commander T'Pol played by Jolene Blalock on the "Star Trek: Enterprise" Series. But this was completely unintentional.

I just felt that there weren't nearly enough vulcans for the game, so I decided to create one! She is packaged with Maxis hair and my take on the outfits worn by T'Pol in "Enterprise", not the starfleet uniform we're used to. The mesh to the outfit is by Glamorous Lounge, its included. Anywho, Please feel free to comment and hit the thanks button!

P.S. She's really a great sim and looks lovely with many different Eyeshadows and liners, but I felt that a vulcan wouldn't go to heavy on those things!


Custom Content by Me:
- T'Lara Vulcan Female
- Charleighb~Exploration Eyes~Kronos
- Vulcan outfit by CharleighB @ MTS2

Custom Content Included:
- Aug_eyebrow_brown by unknown
- Hollow of the Cheek by A.S.K. by AtomicSpaceKitty
- LaPink_Sweet Cheeks by La Pink
- Pure Look by icedmango by icedmango
- @stefan by @stefan
- vivi - TranslucentGloss02 by vivi
- simenroute -- birthmark 19 by SimEnroute at Insimenator
- RealisticSkintone ├é┬ęthesimssi2 by thesimssi2
- Glamorous Lounge Mesh by Glamorous Lounge

Additional Credits:
Hair in Pictures by www.rosesims2.net (its free!)