Sculpture Manufactory Metallic

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Uploaded 23rd Dec 2007 at 1:21 PM · Updated 8th Dec 2008 at 9:38 PM by -Maylin-

Some time ago I have redone my Sculpture Manufactory, but did not find time for uploading until now. So here it is for you as a Christmas present!

For detailed information on the object, please check the thread of the original Sculpture Manufactory at

What´s new?
1) The sculptures (and blocks of course) now come in shiny metallic designs, so there will be more variation in your shops and homes. This object works independently from the original Sculpture Manufactory, so you can have both in game at the same time.

2) On community lots (not owned and owned), non playable sims can use the Sculpture Manufactory Metallic autonomously. In contrast to playable sims, they will not be charged the fee for buying the blocks (so no fear one of your own sims who is present as nonplayabe visitor will spend his precious simoleons on crafting) and there will not be any interrupting notices while a nonplayable sim is crafting.
For my part I have had much fun watching complete strangers getting artistic following their own inspiration! And sometimes it may come in handy at a sculpture shop where a customer might help the owner with crafting, though that is a very rare happening (only saw it twice).

3) I did some minor changes on the effects (more fitting for metallic material).

4) I tried to get file sizes of the blocks a little bit down by getting myself familiar with the repository technique.

Downloading instructions:
Unpack the rar-file. You will get a folder named Nadira Sculpture Manufactory Metallic. Put the whole folder as subfolder into your downloads folder. You will need every item inside the folder for the Manufactory to work properly!
The Sculpture Manufactory can be found in “hobbies” – “other” on residential and community lots.
The sculptures have to be crafted and thus will not show up in the buy catalogue.

For details on installation, placement of the object, compatibility with extension packs, technical details of the mod and CLONING POLICY please read the original thread at


As always I want to thank my husband for his engagement and patience with me!

And again special thanks go to:

The writers of all the wonderful tutorials here at MTS2 - I think by now I have downloaded and read every tutorial on modding, meshing and texturing that is available! Thank you!

The makers of SimPe at, which is a really extraordinary tool! This project could not have been done without extensive use of SimPE´s multiple options!


Style: Antique Modern
Room: Study Outdoor
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable

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