Hunkalicious Bunny Slippers (Updated June 25 '09)

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Uploaded: 26th Jan 2008 at 12:21 AM
Updated: 24th Dec 2012 at 8:44 PM - editing search parameters
Q3tbo is the true genius behind these lil' gems. She made the mesh and the textures, so make sure you go download them and thank her! These recolours won't work without her mesh.

So.... I had a sudden urge to recolour 'em pink the other day. In the process I removed their reflectiveness - accidentally removing a pesky Pets glitch at the same time - and added thumbnails so you can see the shoes instead of a blank face in CAS and in-game. Bodyshop will still show the blank face thumbnail, but they have a descriptive tooltip too. Because of all those little changes, I redid q3tbo's original white shoes too.... plus a blue pair. 'Cause you can't make a pink thing without making a blue thing!

They can be worn by teens, ya/adults, and elders - both genders. No EPs required.

They seem to work pretty well with Pets but if they flash blue just change your sim's appearance in the mirror. You don't have to actually change anything, just click OK.

June 25, 2009 Update: Undies/PJs-Only Version Added
These bunnies now come in 2 flavours: The original slippers will be worn with all outfit categories. The updated slippers will only be worn with undies and PJs. Only install ONE version! They will conflict with each other in-game. Both versions have the same filenames, so if you already had the originals you can just replace them with the new ones.

Special thanks to:
- q3tbo for the adorable mesh
- Lunar Eclipse for her instructions on removing the shine and inadvertently fixing the Pets mesh morphing glitch too
- Snowstorm for her tutorial on making custom thumbnails
- the creators of SimPE - Delphy & the staff and members of MTS2 who make this a great place to learn, to share knowledge, and to share our creations
- chocolate covered hazelnuts

Photo Credits:
- white slipper boy's hair by Raonsims
- all other content pictured is either Maxis or my own