C-3PO as a Servo

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Uploaded: 23rd Feb 2008 at 2:25 AM
Updated: 8th May 2009 at 1:33 PM by Echo
Why having a Servo when you can have your own protocol droid?
I was tired of that strange robot maxis brought us and decided to make a new one, and why not a super famous 3PO unit from Star Wars?. They're fluent in over six million forms of communication although they usually speak the bleep bleep servo language.
You can choose a golden version based on C-3PO or a silver one based on E-3PO, a typical imperial droid.

Obviously OFB is requiered as they are servo units, and they come on an empty lot because they can't be exported in bodyshop, so don't search them in cas.
The .rar file includes Bink13y's Headless skin (the helmet is smaller than a normal sim head), and the Sims2Pack.
I made it using a wonderful 3D model made by Starwars 3D

Known issues:
- I don't know why but when you open the lot file for the first time you'll probably see something like this:

but don't worry, as I said in the picture when you save and quit the lot, the next time this will be corrected
- There is a posibility that the sim show the original servo clothes instead of the 3PO ones, but just click on the sim and change it into formal and it will come back to normal (this issue only happens the first time you open the sim, after that if you save the game it won't happen ever again)
In my pc it works perfectly well, so I don't think you'll have any more issues after the first time you save the lot.


Polygon Counts:
9423 (I know its a lot but there are plenty of details, plus the original model has more than 70k!!)

Custom Content by Me:
- 3PO
- C-3PO - gold
- C-3PO mesh
- servo
- 3PO
- C-3PO - silver
- C-3PO mesh
- servo

Custom Content Included:
- Headless Sims by Bink13y
- No Eyes at all by Bink13y
- Male No Hair All Ages by Bink13y
- Headless Sims by Bink13y
- No Eyes at all by Bink13y
- Male No Hair All Ages by Bink13y

Additional Credits:
Bink13y - Headless Skin
Starwars 3D - Original 3D model
Milkshape, photoshop and SimPE