Get Dressed Autonomously

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Uploaded: 26th Feb 2008 at 12:14 AM
Updated: 28th Feb 2008 at 1:15 PM


Well, this here little mod gave me grief, but I think everything is working fine now. I've tested it in all sorts of scenarios without a hitch.

It's a global mod and this is what it does:

When a Sim wakes up, depending on whether or not he's neat or super lazy, he'll make the bed. Once he's done making his bed, he'll do the spin thing and dress in his everyday clothing.

Works with:

Young Adults
& Elders

Works either on a home lot or University lot. In other words, wherever there is a bed a Sim can sleep in.

I know there are a couple of similar mods out there, but this one does not interfere with Sims wearing coats or any other type of dress. This only has to do with either PJ's or undies since it happens when they make the bed.

If the Sim is too lazy to make the bed, you can always direct him to make the bed and then he'll have to change into everyday clothes.

Note: Place this mod in your downloads folder or in a subfolder or sub-subfolder thereof. Don't want it? Simply remove it from your Downloads folder.

There. Hope this makes somebody happy; I know it made me jump for joy since I was sick and tired of Sims going to class and outdoors in underwear.