Get rid of Ms Crumplebottom forever

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Uploaded 23rd Mar 2008 at 8:17 AM

since the sims1 I never liked Ms Crumplebottom, and as soon as she appeared with nightlife expansion I wrote a small hack to remove her from the game.
Sorry it took such a long time to release the hack, I thought many similar already existed, but recently someone told me there was many hacks to do many things with MS C. But none to simply remove her for good. So, if it can be useful, here it is.

It is fully compatible with all expansions and all other hacks like the visitors controllers. The detail of the hack is in the readme. it is not a big piece of scripting, basically I just modified the test initializing the character to always return false. I think it is by far the safest way to completely disable a NPC.

note for seasons users : Sometimes Ms C. is supposed to get out of the wishing well. With this hack installed if the wish fails, some flames get out of the well but Ms C. just don't appear. In fact, you'll very soon forget she ever existed.

Here is a picture of the bugger , as it is the last time you see her