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Picked upload! Victorian London Part 2: The Kensington District (No CC, Limited CC and CC Loaded)

by StephSim Posted 20th Apr 2008 at 7:53 PM - Updated 23rd Jan 2013 at 7:35 AM by StephSim : MTS2 Information Update
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This download is part of the Victorian London Creator Challenge
Picked Upload! This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.

There are 7 Lots In This Collection. Because I included Loaded Versions, Limited Versions and NO CC Versions of each lot, I am presenting the collection in 2 UPLOADS. Each lot has a unique collection of walls to hopefully make the lots appear authentic. This collection is Texture Rich, which luckily for Simming, textures don't weigh down game play! Enjoy the downloads.

THIS IS PART 2 of my Victorian London: Kensington District Collection!

To help you select which type of lot you want to download:

Download this version to see my full decorative vision for the lot. LOADED lots have several decorative objects (little furniture) and a few extra texures to help the lots have a more authentic feel. Since I was trying to capture actual places, the LOADED lots have a few more detailed walls than the LIMITED lots do.

This is probably the ideal lot to download as you get the look and essence of my vision without having the extra objects and textures. These lots contain minimal objects.

This version is for those who prefer NO Custom Content or with Walls, Floors and Terrains ONLY. All build mode and buy mode objects (except textures) are MAXIS/EA.


About This Collection
This project represents the Kensington District in London during the Victorian Era. Please keep in mind that my renditions of the buildings are NOT exact replicas. The buildings in this collection center mainly around Holland Park, Kensington Park and South Kensington. The few buildings that are not in those specific areas are actual places in London. If you find discrepancies with any of the historical information used, please let me know. While I am an educator, I am NOT the utmost authority on U.K. history. With that said, enjoy the lots.

NOTE: This project has 2 separate parts, both presented for the Challenge. This is Part 2. :D

Click on the links provided below to compare my versions of the places in Victorian London to images of the actual buildings!:

-Comparison Picture for Market Court Slums Courtesy of The Victorian Web
-Comparison Picture for Peabody Tenement Houses Courtesy of The Victorian Web
-Comparison Picture for The Leighton House *click the NEXT button to see all images* Courtesy of The Victorian Web



This download contains several versions of the following places in and around Kensington:
Lot 5 Market Court Slums (London's Poor)
Lot 6 Peabody Square Tenements (Lower Working Class)
Lot 7 The Leighton House (Upper Working Class)


Lot 5: Market Court Slums
Market Court was an area of slums in Kensington. They were homes for London's poor. Conditions were such that Market Court was demolished in the 1860's. Today the former Market Court neighborhood is very high-end.

RESIDENTIAL LOT / 3 x 2 Lot / UNFURNISHED §109,954 / TEXTURES ONLY §99,309 / 3 Stories / Courtyard / Kitchen / Parlour / Family Room / 11 Bedrooms (Sleeps up to 24) / 6 Restrooms / Storage Shed

Note: The Market Court Slums lot has 2 versions: Unfurnished with TEXTURES ONLY (using my walls, floors and terrains) and UNFURNISHED LIMITED. The limited version contains window boards, trash piles and windows that fit the "slum" appearance. I did not create a NO CC Version because it would have served no point seeing that there are no "grunge" Maxis/EA Walls that will make the lot "look" like an authentic slum. I did not furnish it because I permission to use the objects came after I had packaged the files for uploading. So, I've provided you with links to a few grunge items. Enjoy the downloads!

Here are a few links to "grunge" things:

* Filthy Kitchen, Bathroom and Accessories by paigeturnersims

* The Trashy Collection by Dumblonde and Others
Note: Make sure you read the Dumblonde Post carefully before downloading. Most of the objects have been updated to be EP Ready. I went through most of the items and kept only the ones that I know work. The only item I found to be BLUE was Numenor's Broken Window. I'm sure there are others as I didn't TEST all of them. Nonetheless, it's a great collection.

* SussisSoGoodSims Dirty Dickens Characters

Lot 6: Peabody Tenement Building (Use to create a "square" of buildings in your neighborhood)
Peabody Tenement houses were designed by an American businessman to provide homes for the lower working class in London. George Peabody contributed to the construction of the first Peabody tenement homes. While several Peabody neigborhoods exist in London (notably in the Chelsea District area), I love the idea of having the lots for the Sims as a prominent part of the Kensington District. The Peabody Tenement lot has 2 buildings on it (which functions as 1 home for 1 or 2 small families).

RESIDENTIAL LOT / 5 x 2 Lot / LOADED §579,437 / LIMITED §490,147 / LOADED CLONE §373,813 / NO CC §507,883 / No CC CLONE §307,322 / 4 Stories / Outdoor Gardens / Horse Carriage Driveway / Kitchen / Parlour / Drawing Room / Ball Room / Garden & Tea Room / 8 Bedrooms (Sleeps up to 24) / 6 Restrooms / Storage Shed

* There are two CLONES that you may wish to use to create a Sim "Peabody Square". This will allow you the freedom of decorating each of your Peabody Square neighborhood lots in a unique way. One CLONE is the NO CC Versions and the other CLONE is the LOADED Version.

*The driveable Horse and Carriage by Hexameter is NOT included in the download, but it looks AWESOME parked in the driveway between the 2 buildings. There are several versions available to replace standard NPC's and decorative carriages as well. You can get them here:

* Dr. Pixel's Enchanted Harp (Radio) would make a perfect addition to the "Ballroom" next to the piano. Get it here:


Lot 7: The Leighton House
The Leighton House was home to Victorian artist, Baron Frederic Leighton. Lord Leighton was born in Scarborough. He was well educated and well traveled. He spent much time studying in Italy and Paris. He moved to London in 1860. He is associated with the Pre-Raphaelites who moved away from what was fashionable and embrace color as a dominant force in art. He built a home (studio) in Holland Park and entertained several artists of the time including Walter Crane, Edward Coley Burne-Jones, George Frederick Watts, Simeon Solomon, John Everett Millais and Evelyn de Morgan. Leighton was knighted in 1878 and his Baronage established in 1886. The Leighton House is now a Museum in the Kensington District Holland Park area.

This house is PERFECT for artists, art lovers and artists at heart. It has a 2 room studio to die for! Of all the creations in this collection, this one is the my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!

I used the floor plans and the photo tour images found on the official Leighton House Museum site to create a Simtastic version of Leighton House:

I also added a few extra rooms: a kitchen, a 2nd bedroom, a Music Room and extra Bathrooms. I wanted to use artwork by the artist and his friends for this house, but due to time limits decided to make them out of wallpaper and use the Victorian Frame by mdhttr323 (found here ) to make them "appear" as real portraits.

The house is indeed a museum to the work of Leighton and his friends. I tried to be as detailed as possible with the wallpaper. Because of the walls, the Entrance, The Stairwell and Arab Hall are a sight to behold. The original Arab Hall in the actual Leighton House Museum is nothing short of fabulous. My recreation can't be explained in words or pictures give enough detail for you to understand how beautiful the hall really is. I think I have captured the spirit of the hall. Enough chatter! If you download no other lot in this collection, be sure to download this one!


RESIDENTIAL LOT / 3 x 5 Lot / LOADED §477,7646 / LIMITED §418,368 / NO OBJECT CC (Textures ONLY) §421,021 / 3 Stories / Entrance / Stairwell / 2 Closets / Kitchen / Library / Drawing Room / Arab Hall (Swimming Pool & Sauna) / Silk Room (I don't know the EXACT purpose of this room next to the Master bedroom - Perhaps a place for the noted bachelor to chat up his lady friends?) / Master Bedroom leading to private bath and Studio / 5 Bathrooms Total / 2 Studios (2 story and joined by a door) / Unique Covered Driveway (for 2 Vehicles/Carriages) / Garden-Ready Grounds
Note: Since I created walls and floors specifically for this lot, I did not include a NO CC Version. Instead, I added a TEXTURES ONLY version in its place.

BE SURE to add the files in the "sb08LeightonHouseLOADED" zip to your Download Folder. They would not automatically package. Once you place the files in your downloads folder, the bedding and Metro Windows will display correctly! The links below are to give credit where credit is due. These are NOT things you need to collect and download:
The mesh (MASTER) for Tig's "Metro Windows"
Sarkissian "Victor" Bed Cover / Red & Gold Bed Cover
Sarkissian "Victorian Age Bedding 3" Black Floral Print Bed Cover

I used the French Chandelier by jhd1189 throughout Leighton House. Please be aware that you WILL need to place them over areas that Sims will not use. For instance, in the Leighton House dining room, the 2 chandeliers above the dining chairs, need to be shifted above the tables. The crystals on the chandelier have a footprint and someday soon the honorable jhd will fix that little problem. If you prefer not to deal with it, simply remove the "crystals" (not the chandelier) from the lot until it is updated.

*The Artist Supplies in the picture can be found here:

*Other Art Rooms by Tarox and 4eversimfantasy can be found here: (about 3/4 down the page)
- This set has an easel, folding chair, art canvases, etc.
-This set has modern paint items, but it also includes canvases.
-This Misc. set has a beautiful wrought iron easel.

*The Driveable Horse and Carriage by Hexameter is NOT included in the download. There are several versions available to replace standard NPC's and decorative carriages as well. You can get them here:

* Dr. Pixel's Enchanted Harp (Radio) would make a perfect addition to the "Music Room" next to the piano. Get it here:

* An Antique Gramophone by AbstractSIMmer187

* The Red London Mailbox Cover by -Maylin- can be found here:

* The Antique Telephone by Hysterical Paroxysm can be found here:

*The Victorian Curtain set by -Maylin- can be found here:


I've included a zip with larger images on both Part 1 and Part 2 called LARGER IMAGES. To help you decide if you would like to download the lots, download the zips and take a look at the enlarged Floor Plans. The Peabody Tenement House and The Leighton House both have EXTRA images that allow you to see the special layout and features included in the lots.

The Market Court Slums lot has 2 versions: Unfurnished with TEXTURES ONLY (using my walls, floors and terrains) and LIMITED UNFURNISHED (with a few decorative windows and accents). Also, The Leighton House has 3 versions: LOADED, LIMITED and TEXTURES ONLY. Since I created walls and floors specifically for this lot, I did not include a NO CC Version. Instead, I added a TEXTURES ONLY version in its place.

Today, the Kensington District (located in West London) is one of several districts in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Many of the buildings are still standing in one form or another. However, The Imperial Institute was demolished between 1957-1967 and all that remains of it is the Queen's Tower, The Market Court was torn down due to decay and unsanitary conditions in the 1860's, King's Cross Station (although not in the Kensington District) has been redesigned, and The Leighton House is now a museum. Enjoy the downloads!

Although telephones were in existence during Queen Victoria's reign, the symbolic Red Phone Boxes were not created until 1924. I decided to include a "Victorianish" version of the first Red London Kiosk (Telephone Box) as it is such a known signature of London. The original box was somewhat different from the current kiosk phone box. The first kiosk was designed after a series of contest by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, the renowned architect who designed the Liverpool Cathedral.

If you prefer to "cover" your modern Sim Phone Booths with the familiar modern version of the red phone booth, check out this London Community Phone Booth Cover by -Maylin-:

The interiors and exteriors of the Kensington District Collection are mainly Maxis furnishings with stephanie b. walls, floors and terrains. I've added a few "Victorian London" decorative items to bring the lots to life. Please keep in mind, there are 7 different buildings depicted in this download and each building comes with a unique set of "Victorian" walls. All the listed walls and floors are not in every download. Please keep in mind that NO CC Versions (pictures are provided) are limited only to the content offered by Maxis. In other words, they will not look just like the versions with custom content because of the personalized walls, floors and accent objects. Nonetheless, the NO CC Versions have a life of their own.

Thank you to all of the artists who created items used in this project. Working around the objects helped to bring make Victorian London a reality for our Sims!

Although the Custom Content Versions of these lots as a collective are loaded with textures and object content, please keep in mind that all of the content listed below is NOT in every lot! Also keep in mind there are NO CC Versions or Texture Only Versions of each lot! A little something for ALMOST everyone!

Custom Content by Me:
- Atomic Wall 23
- Beach Grass Terrain 1
- Blue Paisley Wall
- Bold Red Floral Wall
- Brown and Olive Floral Carpet
- Charmed Floor 2
- Cream and Tan Floral Wall
- Gravel Stone Terrain
- Harry Potter Brick Wall 6
- Lime and Pink Paisley Wall
- Moss Brick Terrain
- Mustard Striped Wall
- Olive and Brown Floral Wall
- Spinner's End Wall 1
- StephSim's Gwyrich Floor 1
- StephSim's Gwyrich Floor 1
- StephSim's Leighton (5 Floors)
- StephSim's Leighton House Set (60 Walls)
- StephSim's Peabody Wall Set (8 Walls)
- StephSim's Terrain Stone in Grass 1
- StephSim's VICT Leighton Exterior (10 Walls)
- StephSim's Victorian Slums Set (6 Walls)
- StephSim's Victorian Tenements Set (4 Walls)
- StephSim Tattered Set (2 Walls used)
- Stone Patterned Floor
- Striped Red Wall
- Weasley Walls (2)

Custom Content Included:
- "Good Ol' Times" Coal Stove (UV) by Numenor
- "Sepulcural Spire" by Kate
- "Stone Cul-De-Sac" Stone Stacked Stone Fence by wndy26
- 1 Tile Victorian Curtain MESH & Recolors by -Maylin-
- Academia Stone Stacked Stone Wall with Stone Rail by wndy26
- Antique Portico (Peak 5) by nanisim
- Antique Table Phone Handset by Hysterical Paroxysm by HystericalParoxysm
- Antique Table Phone by HystericalParoxysm by HystericalParoxysm
- Big Entry Portico by nanisim
- British Post Box by -Maylin-
- Brown Residential Roof by mzcynnamon
- Classic Large Windows (1 and 2 & Diagonal) by marina
- Collector's Tea Cup and Saucer (Mesh and Blue Recolor) by crowridgestudio
- Corner Cobwebs by Targa
- Dark Slate Roof by mia86
- Driveway - Invisible by WitchyWoman
- Fake Trashcan (Lying) by windkeeper
- Fancifully Fuzzy Fern by macarossi
- Fence Pot by nanisim
- Fireplace Logholder & Tools by momma"b"
- French Chandelier & Hanging Crystals by jhd1189
- Garden Bay by macarossi
- Gentrific "Flame-O-Rama" Fireplace WITHOUT CHIMNEY by mia86
- Good ole' Fashioned Chess on a Good ole' Fashioned Cracker Barrel by Aligeth
- Indoor Shutter Slats - Tall Colonial Open MESH & White Recolor by khakidoo
- Lafenetre Round Window by windkeeper
- Metro Window Set by Tiggy027
- Mini-Pediment in Stone Stacked Stone by wndy26
- Modular Stairs by Numenor
- Mosaic Tile Stairs using Numenor's Modular Stair by nanisim
- Nani Burglar Alarm Photo by nanisim
- Nanisim Alarm for Fireplaces and Recolors by nanisim
- Nanisim Portico Peak 5 Antique by nanisim
- Old Coffee Maker by -Maylin-
- Orchids & Petunias by macarossi
- Pedestal Planter by macarossi
- Pond Rocks by macarossi
- Red Slate Roof by mia86
- Residential Brown Roof 3 by mzcynnamon
- Simnuts101 Rococo Chairs (3 Recolors) by simnuts101
- Spire Roof Deco and Recolor by Kate and Amythestfenix
- Stained Glass Arch Single Tile by crocobaura
- Stained Glass Arch by crocobaura
- Street Fire in a Trashcan by Numenor
- Taste of London Gas Lamp by GCmax
- The Invisible Window by rebecah
- The Simple Life Seating by Berg
- Tiled Stairs using Numenor's Modular Stairs by nanisim
- Trash Piles by windkeeper
- Victorian Canvas Frame by mdhttr323
- Victorian Trim and White Recolor by Zelia Theb
- Wall Arches by nanisim
- White Quions and Recolors by nanisim

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