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Updated Sept 1, 2008 - Stair Mod to Allow Puppies Kitten and Toddler to use Them - Requested

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rebecah unfortunately passed away in Jan 2024. She was a profilic creator and will be missed by the whole community both here and at AffinitySims.
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Uploaded: 1st May 2008 at 1:03 AM
Updated: 29th Oct 2008 at 5:48 PM - Added Spiral Stair Mod for Apartments EP
Updated Sept 1, 2008:

Added Spiral Stair version for Apartments EP.

You need all 3 mods for each type of stairs, unless you only want them to have the ability to use a specific type.

A few people requested this in my previous post for my Toddler Stair mod.

If you downloaded my toddler version you will need to delete as these will conflict with that.

These versions include Toddlers, Puppies and Kittens ablilty to use. You need to install both files, unless you only use one type of stairs or the other.

I almost never play with houses that have stairs because of the inability for toddlers and baby pets to use them. It's been so much easier to have homes that are ground level...now I won't have to. I really don't know why EA left these options out because all three look so adorable using them and it's is a normal thing for all three to use in real life.

I hope you are all able to see the small images I had to use.

Thanks to Mimi52861 for the idea and the original request!