3 "Civic Idol" poster recolours

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Uploaded 18th May 2008 at 3:50 AM · Updated 18th May 2008 at 5:47 PM by xo chriis : Forgot to credit someone and kindly adding their name.

Here I bring you three recolours of the "Civic Idol" poster.

No seperate downloads, since there are only three files! Each file is named properly so you can tell which picture is which and you can delete whatever one[s] you don't want!

These require CEP to work properly! If you don't have CEP [shame on you :O] then you can download it here.

I'm pretty sure these only require the base game. I have all EPs so if anyone is willing to test them in only the base game please do so and let me know your results!


Additional Credits: SimPE - Without it I wouldn't have been able to make these!
CynicalChick's great and easy to follow tutorial on how to recolour paintings/posters.
SIMale - The simlish font used on the last poster.

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