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Playable sandbox - 24 versions available - 05/16/2009)

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Uploaded: 20th Jun 2008 at 3:06 PM
Updated: 16th Sep 2009 at 9:08 AM
All Versions Are Compatibe With Apartment Life

Dutch translations added. Biggest thanks to Marshall!
All versions do now contain the right (fixed) digger package again.

Playable sandbox

This set consists of
-the sandbox items (see below),
-one collection for each residential and community lots

For the sandbox items, there are 24 different versions. Not all of these will consist of all items, though.
If you don´t have BON VOYAGE, you won´t get the sand castle and tomb stick.
If any other EP is not installed, you´ll only be missing some of the features mentioned below.

Description: the sandbox items are

-sand (terrain paint)

-sandbox entry - if you have Pets installed, your cats will be able to pee in the sandbox (simply click on the sandbox entry). Their bladder will go up and their hygiene level will decrease a bit. For base game players this item is required to be able to enter the sandbox as Sims cannot go through fences.

-sand castle (Bon Voyage) - can only be removed/moved using the move_objects on Cheat. This works like the sand castle that came with BV, but I made a few changes: There´s already a bit of sand there at the beginning (otherwise you wouldn´t be able to get a pie menu) and when finished or destroyed, the sand castle will not dissappear but revert back to its original state after some time. This will be faster if you have destroyed the sand castle. Hobby enthusiasm has been set to Arts (instead of Nature), and your Sims will gain creativity as well.

-comb stick (Bon Voyage) - the stick has to be placed using the move_objects on Cheat. By clicking at the comb stick, you get the menu option "comb". Your Sims will increase their Science enthusiasm by using this object and they can find several nice - and not so nice - objects in the sand box. Some of the hidden objects also have new interactions like you might have already noticed by looking at the screenshot. If you have the comb stick installed, please do not delete any of the objects that came with this set. If you do so, you´ll have problems when the Sims finds the object you´ve deleted. This is the reason why this download will only be available as a complete set.

-sandbox bucket - your toddlers can play with the water, which will increase their enthusiasm for nature. Their fun level will go up, but the hygiene level will go down a bit. Comes in three colours.

-sandbox mould "turtle"- if you have Pets installed, your toddlers will be able to eat sand from the mould. This will either increase ther Nature or Cooking enthusiasm. If you have Open for Business, you toddles also have the option to flatten the sand, which will increase their Tinkering enthusiasm. All options will give them fun, and let the hygiene level decrease.

-sandbox toys - your toddlers will make music using shovel and sandbox mould. This will raise their Music enthusiasm and Creativity points will be gained.

-digger- toddlers and children can play with this toy, which will increase their tinkering enthusiasm

All objects are categorized in General/Children respectivly Outdoor (on Community lots).

How to build a sandbox:

1. First place the small flowers fence which came with the base game. Leave some space for the sandbox entry (not two tiles next to each other, this won´t look good). Now you can place the sandy terrain paint within your sandbox.

2. (only required if you want to place the comb stick) Now press Ctrl + Shift + C and enter "move_objects on" in the Cheat windown (without the "). Press enter.

3. Now you can place the objects you like.

Download (Choosing the right files):

Now here´s the bad news. There´s not one version of this set but 24 different ones according to which Expansion Packs you have installed.

In order to be able to use all the features of this set, you have to have the following EPs installed: Open for Business, Pets, Seasons, Bon Voyage and FreeTime.

All 5 Expansion Packs:

Have them all? Fantastic! Just download version 1 and enjoy.

Base Game only:

Only have base game ? Download version 2.

For all of you who´ve said no to these questions, things are getting a bit more difficult. But if you concentrate a bit, you´ll be rewarded with a version of this set which contains all the possible features for your EP configuration. We´ll start by counting how many of the EPs mentioned above you´ve got installed: Open for Business, Pets, Seasons, Bon Voyage and FreeTime.

Please note that if you have Seasons installed, it´s only counted if you have Bon Voyage as well.

Some counting examples :

-you´ve got University, Seasons and FreeTime. This is counted as only one EP, because University isn´t required and Seasons isn´t counted because you don´t have Bon Voyage.

-you´ve got Nightlife, Open for Business, Pets, Seasons and Bon Voyage. Counted as four EPs.

Now it´s your turn. Count and then choose your version.

1 Expansion Pack:

Open for Business - Version 3
Pets - Version 4
BonVoyage - Version 5
FreeTime - Version 6

2 Expansion Packs:

3 Expansion Packs:

4 Expansion Packs:

Which of the required EPs do you NOT have?

Open for Business - Version 21
Pets - Version 22
Seasons - Version 23
FreeTime - Version 24

Poly Counts:

-sandbox entry - 288
-sand castle - differs with creativity skills, highest is 2313 (same as Maxis sand castle)
-comb stick - 156 (hidden objects: 360, 320, 152, 80, 236, 72, 240, 300, 372)
-sandbox bucket - 754
-sandbox mould "turtle" - 399
-sandbox toys - 174
-digger - 464

Known issues: The set does not work properly with Christianlovs Sim Control Tool II . The sand bucket and sandbox entry will be used to satisfy the Need/Bathroom command. No idea how to fix this (if it can be fixed), sorry.

Additional Credits:
Echo : even though she actually didn´t have to help me out on this project, I´m still glad that she introduced me to modding.
Thanks to akiretremo, Nan and maggieleeqq, Marshall1994 for their excellent translations.