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[Ashtray Lizzard] Unatural Coiffure I

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Uploaded: 18th Sep 2008 at 5:42 AM
Hello there =D

These are some un-natural versions of the FatiqueCriminal hair that was part of my contribution to WickedNoukFamily's August Aspiration set. This hair maintains its edgy feel and chic style, and livens it up with new dyed colours.

The hair has been gentley alpha edited so that it is shorter and softer, and then retextured (using Nouk 's textures). Mesh required is #79 by Flora at XMsims which you must download for these to show in your game. The edits are available for all ages that the mesh allows, which is toddler to adult. These are not binned.

The four versions you get all have three colours in them, which are in faded tones. There is Blue Purple Pink, Grey Blue Pink, Red Yellow Orange, and Grey Blue Green. Have included these in seperate RARs so you can get the ones you want. Also done them all in one rar in case you want them all. =p

Custom content in pictures are by me, Anva, Dragonmandy, Corvi, IcedMango, Aikea, Shatarja, Ghanima, HP and Sumse. All lovely free creators.

I hope you enjoy these. Am rather pleased with how they turned out. Leave a comment or whatever if you like them too! And my policy can be seen on my profile


Additional Credits:
XMsims http://www.xmsims.com/sims2/ehtm/main/index.htm
Nouk http://www.noukiesims2.net/tiny/index.php