Leather Jacket, Boots & Shorts - H&M Recolor for Adults and Teens

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Uploaded: 27th Oct 2008 at 9:14 PM
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I've always liked this mesh (it came with the H&m stuff pack) but I couldn't stand the original recolors.
I mean, electric blue with hearts? Ridiculously high waist? Are we kidding? ;P

I wanted to make something prettier for my sims, and, I wear jackets, shorts, boots and leggings all the time, so I tried to simmify them :D

The textures are mostly taken from different Maxis-made outfits, while the jacket was handpainted.. it didn't turned out as well as I wanted, tho, so if anybody wants to try to improve it, I'll be glad!

The outfit comes in 3 versions: one with long leggings, one with short leggings and one with no leggings at all (for those sims who just don't feel the cold!). Scroll down for the previews

The outfit is avaiable both as everyday and outerwear, and both for adults and teens.
Adult version requires H&M stuff pack.
Teen version requires Migamoo's mesh (included in the zips).

° Feel free to use in your screenshots, videos and stories.
° Feel free to redistribute along with your packaged sims/houses.
° Feel free to use/edit part of the texture for your own projects.
° Basically feel free to do whatever you want, just credit me and link back to my site/MtS profile.
° If you like my stuff, tell me, 'cause I like some ego massage.
° Delivery of chocolate or donuts as a thank-you-gift is also appreciated.

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