Tweedy recolors of the Maxis Durable Value Sofa

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Uploaded: 20th Jan 2009 at 3:22 PM
Updated: 14th Mar 2009 at 12:16 PM
Hey all,
It's been a while since I uploaded anything anywhere, but I found these tweedy fabrics in one of my many texture searches and thought they would look good on some sofa's. So here they are.
The maxis Durable value sofa is from the original game so it should work for all.
The matching sofa and chair from Neighborhood 99 may or may not need expansion packs. I'm pretty sure they work in the base game, but not positive. If the sofa match meshes don't work in your game and you need to, you can delete anything in the zip that has an spx in it.

I have included the meshes for the matching loveseat and chair by spx-XIO from N99, but if you don't visit their site you are really missing some great stuff.

Hope I didn't miss anything.
I have had a lot of inquiries about the rugs, so I've gathered them in a zip file and added them to the post. You need to have the 3x4 rug mesh by echo, and/or the 2x3 mesh by windkeeper at TSR.

Since this is a recolor of the durable value sofa, it will work with the meshes from ailias also. They can be found here:
Just delete anything from the zip file with an spx in it, if you want to use the Ailias meshes.

Note: the sofas are pictured with maxis wall and floors

Additional Credits: SimPE without which none of this would be possible.
N99 for all their great maxis matching meshes
MTS2 for letting me put stuff here
Everyone who spends time to make this game better for everyone