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**UPDATED: MARCH 8, 2009** Nu Grumlash Aba Nu Home Decor Collection: Wallpaper

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Uploaded: 28th Feb 2009 at 6:01 PM
Updated: 16th Mar 2009 at 7:14 AM - **UPDATED: MARCH 8, 2009****
"Unclaimed Boxes", a painting collection by Sim artist Rie Hammond, is revisited in this home décor collection. When asked about her series, Ms. Hammond was reported to have said, "Nu grumlash aba nu!", meaning "It was a happy accident!"

This is the first part of a series which will contain wallpapers and decorative accents, with coordinated flooring. This collection contains 3 untrimmed wallpapers, and 39 trimmed wallpapers.

This set contains:

- 3 Untrimmed Base Wallpapers, one of each style: Practical, Theatrical and Whimsical.

- 15 Wallpapers in the Practical style: 5 with chair rail, 5 with slender trim, 5 with wide borders.

- 12 Wallpapers in the Theatrical style: 4 with chair rail, 4 with slender trim, 4 with wide borders.

- 12 Wallpapers in the Whimsical style: 4 with chair rail, 4 with slender trim, 4 with wide borders.

YOU DO NOT NEED ALL OF THE FILES. The uploads are organized into logical categories for your convenience. 1 file contains the entire collection of 42 wallpapers. The remainder of the files are organized as marked - either by detail type, or paper style - enabling you to pick and choose your favorites. Only download the ones you want.

UPDATE: Please note: If you downloaded the "BasePapers_NoTrims.zip" file before March 8th, it was missing the "Whimsical" base paper. The file has been replaced, please redownload it. Sorry for the trouble!