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Bus Transit Set

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Uploaded: 15th Mar 2009 at 2:01 PM
Bus Transit Set.

This simple set gives you even more variations in decorating your hoods.
With this set you will able to add some bus stops, bus depot or bus terminal to your town.

I've set Night Life EP as required for using this decorations, but the idea is that you need at least one of any EPs installed, to have this decoration available from 'hood decorations menu.
But it is also highly recommended to have a Free Time EP installed, to be able to edit existing terrain, for better use of this set.

This set is mostly for advanced simmers, with some kind of experience on making custom neighborhoods and using of neighborhood camera modds.

If you don’t have enough info about all this stuff, I recommend you to check the MTS2 tutorials.

Each object of this set can be placed over the road and also over the lot.

Just put all the *.package files from the zip to your ‘Downloads’ folder.

What’s inside:

The set contains 5 objects:
1. Local bus.
2. Express bus.
3. Bus stop.
4. Bus depot.
5. Bus terminal with bays.

All objects can be found under ‘stones’ submenu of the neighborhood decorations menu.


Polygon Counts:
Local Bus Terminal with bays: 990
Local bus depot: 858
Local bus stop: 118
Local transit bus: 184
Long distance transit bus: 184

Additional Credits:
Thanks to the community as allways! :D