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Kansas City, Kansas TAA10

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Uploaded: 29th Mar 2009 at 6:14 PM
Updated: 1st Apr 2009 at 4:40 AM
Tour Across America

Kansas City, Kansas also known as KCK, and also known as the 'Heart of America' now premiers a rather dated home that has the potential to display new life unto its new family.

The home was built back in the early 80s and has been obviously standing firm along these weathered grounds ever since. Following the front path of the lawn one is able to exit to the front entry of the home or continue along the rear of the house. The front yard is not flourished with major gardening as per most green life can be found in the back yard.

High leveled trees populate the back yard. One is able to find a full size swimming pool, and a ground patio area were grilling and outdoor dinning takes place.

Kansas City is situated in "Tornado Alley" (a broad region where cold air from the Rocky Mountains and Canada collides with warm air from the Gulf of Mexico, leading to the formation of powerful storms), although the area hasn't been hit with a major storm since May of 2003, there lies beneath sea level in the back yard, a storm cellar which can be used temporarily for other necessities, as of now it remains a storage room. Heading back up the stairs to ground level we once again walking along the path back to the front of the home and head into the front entry.

One is welcomed into the living area were one can relax in front of the TV, or practice creative skills on the Piano. You can also head into the dinning area and or kitchen to the right of the living area. off to the left there can be found the masters suite on the ground floor. Each bedroom and bath is furnished with the highest capacity of needed items.

Heading upstairs one is to find bedroom 1, 2, and 3. Bedroom 1 and 2 leads out to an upstairs deck that supports a spa, seating area and games like chess, it can be also accessed from the front yard or back.

That's it for Kansas City, Kansas. We will now head to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, were your life is sure to be enriched when living in the Twin City.

Description of the Property Follows:

1) Bedrooms {4}

2) Bathrooms {2}

3) Expansion pack(s) needed {No}

4) Modified Creations Included {No}

5) Floor(s) {2}

6) Alarms Included [F = Fire, B = Burglar] {F|B}

7) Lodging Capacity {6+}

8) Pool {Yes}

9) Spa {Yes}

10) Phone {Yes}

11) Computer {Yes}

(FULLY FURNISHED Just Download, Introduce your Sims and enjoy.)
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Lot Size: 3x5
Lot Price: §196,131
Lot Price Unfurnished: §54,414