SynapticSim's Wings for Kids!

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Uploaded 2nd Apr 2009 at 1:13 AM

Hi People!

Now introducing SynapticSim's Wings for Kids! Two new meshes are included, one with the wings stretched out and one with the wings folded.

SynapticSim's Wings for Teens thru Elders is located HERE.

As you can see they come in 5 wonderful colors, including the base Parrot color that can open the door for many types of recolors. And you guessed it, they are fully recolorable.

Now, you might still be asking yourself what's so special about these wings? Well, that's my favorite part! Some of the wings out there are attached to the sim via a central point on the back, or even assigned to the sims body via the head. My wings however are assigned seperately to the shoulderblade on each respective side. What does this mean for you? When your Sim moves their left arm, the left wing will go in a similar direction, and visa versa. When in action, it almost looks as if the wings act independently of themselves. This also means no more wings suddenly shooting through the abdomen of the sim wearing them. It really must be seen to understand, lol.

These are wearable with all categories of clothing and can also be worn with other accessories!

Obviously, there isn't a way around the fact that the wings will move through walls, furniture, and even sims. Sorry, but there's just no way to prevent that.

Unfortunately, attaching these wings to your sims will not enable them to fly. However, combine my wings with MajorJeff's SimMacFly Potion HERE and you should have an awesome time watching your winged sims fly!


You may include this mesh with your uploads, but please give credit to me, SynapticSim and provide a link either to this thread, or to my site, SynapticSim's Lair: I would also love to see what you've done, so send me a PM or something

You may NOT include this mesh on any Paysite or The Exchange.

Please Enjoy!

~ Syn

Polygon Counts:
Faces: 1080 Vertices: 982
Faces: 1080 Vertices: 982