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Montpelier, Vermont TAA14

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Uploaded: 2nd Apr 2009 at 5:10 AM
Tour Across America

Montpelier, Vermont, the smallest state capital in the United States, now offers unto the general public, a home that has been designed for a family of 5 with room to spare. As we enter the lot we notice that the home is situated side ways from the street. Surrounding the home are several trees and plants which adds to the surrounding environmental zone's characteristics.

The home has a very basic floor plan. Heading into the home one walks into the front room of the home, here one can find comfort or build vital skills. Heading forward one sees the dinning and kitchen area.

Down the hall to your left there is found bedroom 1 and the master bedroom, both separated by a bathroom. Each room has been fully furnished to basic standards. Progressing up the stairs one then lands in the 2nd floor hall way where you can either head left to find the bathroom, or right to enter the 2nd bedroom. Thats The Green Mountain State folks and that will be 14 states down.

Now we travel south west along the picturesque valley of the Winooski River coming out of Montpelier, to continue this tour in The Garden City the tenth largest city in the state of Massachusetts, see you again when we continue another Tour Across America in Newton, Massachusetts.

Description of the Property Follows:

1) Bedrooms {3}

2) Bathrooms {2.25}

3) Expansion pack(s) needed {No}

4) Modified Creations Included {No}

5) Floor(s) {2}

6) Alarms Included [F = Fire, B = Burglar] {F|B}

7) Lodging Capacity {5+}

8) Pool {No}

9) Spa {No}

10) Phone {No}

11) Computer {Yes}

Lot Price Unfurnished: §32,439

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: §198,186