Cute babydoll Tops in 4 colors!

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Uploaded 9th Apr 2009 at 9:44 PM · Updated 14th Apr 2009 at 12:12 PM by Sylphid3 : Adding links to maxis mesh fixes from CatOfEvilGenius

I have only just started in creating clothes for Sims. And I'm now trying to create some unique pieces for children. Because you can find loads of adult stuff everywhere, but not as much children clothes. So here goes, tell me what you think!


These tops have been made from Maxis tops which came with the Open For Business Expansion Pack. So you should need that E.P. to use these.

You could be interested to know that CatOfEvilGenius has made some maxis mesh fixes for the babydoll top and the jeans used on the screenshots.
Here they are:

- The mesh fix for the Babydoll top which gets rid of the visible seam at the neck.

- The mesh fix for the jeans which fixes the pants texture showing on the bottom of the top.

Additional credits for the little simmies posing:

fashion republic