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Pots' recolours of Maxis' BG Potted plants

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Uploaded: 3rd May 2009 at 6:51 PM
I have recoloured the pots of the following Maxis' Base Game potted plants :

3 pots' recolours of "No-fuss Ficus"
4 pots' recolours of "Rubber Tree Plant"
6 pots' recolours of "The Simulated Succulent"

to offer a bit of diversification of these potted plants which I hope you'll enjoy.

I have packed the pots' plant recolours in 3 different files : "No-fuss Ficus"; "Rubber Tree Plant" and "The Simulated Succulent" so you can choose what you prefer.

Have fun

Additional Credits:
Maxis for the meshes