Fallout 3 - Museum of History (Underworld)

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Uploaded: 21st May 2009 at 4:41 AM
Updated: 28th May 2009 at 4:49 AM - note about changing lot zoning to residential (it works great!)
For the Fallout 3/Post-Apocalypse Challenge I have made:


Zombies! For those who don't know Fallout 3, this is the Museum of History, where a community of zombies (or ghouls as they're referred to in the game) now live and work. It's called "Underworld" and it's basically a wing of the museum that was once an exhibit on the mythology of hell.

-buy clothes and collars (for your dogmeats)
-try on clothes
-make robots
-have a lie down (just relaxing if you don't have a hack)
-go to the bathroom (if shy males want to use the urinals they'll try to shoo out all females unless there are ladies who refuse to leave at which point he'll go into the stall, but if an outgoing male wants to use the urinal they will let fly while you shop)

-use a terminal
-lock glowing ones in the observation room and watch them squat around
-have a lie down

-get a haircut or makeover
-have a lie down

-have a drink at the bar
-be seated and dine on some radiated food
-have a lie down

-buy some mags, games, or jewelry
-warm by the fire
-make some food of your own
-have some coffee
-there's an accessable double bed, so you know what that means, two people could have a lie down

-There are radios scattered about for listening and/or dancing.

-The terminals in the front room are not usable.

-All beds are accessible.

-There's an empty room by the Chop Shop and the observation room, mostly because it's hard to get in there in F3 and I haven't done it yet. I also figured why fill it with trash when this lot is heavy enough already. Do what you will with it.

-I know those wings on the side of the dome room go off to nowhere, but this lot had to get bigger and bigger enough
already so I thought I'd leave it, since all but one are blocked anyway.

-The bonfires in the dome room can be lit and no fire will ablaze and no storytelling will be allowed, but roasting
marshmallows still happens for some reason. I don't suggest it though.

-All CFE cheated areas avoid getting in the way of your sim's movement. In fact there's a hidden room with a spiral
staircase that they can work there way through a bunch of broken areas to get to with no problem.

After downloading, double click the file called "Fallout3-Museum-of-History.Sims2Pack" and it will go right into your
game. Then drag the file called "miette porte flye 02.package" into your downloads folder and it will be in your game.

There are different ways the Museum could be played. It was created as a community lot for visiting, but could also be used as an owned business therefore making the OFB shelves useful. If you wanted to make use of the beds for more than just a lie down (relaxing) you could download a hack for making beds usable on community lots. Changing the lot zoning to residential is a lot of fun. Learn how to do it: here. The waitstaff, chef, and host stay and act the same, so you can eat at the 9th Circle in your "home" whenever you want.

-Mansion & Garden is required.
-Teen Style Stuff is used but not required. Use Clean Installer if you don't have TSS.
-Teen Style Stuff items used: messy clothes on floor & beds.

-If the composite pics are too small you can view all pics in full size and a few that didn't fall within the 8 pic limit: here
-My other Fallout 3 lot can be found: here

Type: Community
Clone Tested: 2 days

Lot Size: 5x3
Lot Price: 543,540

Custom Content Included:
- Sims Picture Frame by gromit
- Door for broken building glass by guatla
- Door for broken building glass by guatla
- Door for broken building recolour (dark wood) by guatla
- Pirate Radio recolour (plain bone) by Dr Pixel
- Pirate Radio by Dr Pixel
- Bench by Taroo @Tarox
- Banker's lamp by thefuzmixman
- Banker's lamp recolour (green) by thefuzmixman
- Oil Drum by nicvncnt

Additional Credits:
- Door reclor by Miette

Much appreciation for the great creators who share what they make.
Also much appreciation for Mod the Sims 2 and all those who hold it aloft.