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Uploaded: 22nd May 2009 at 11:40 PM
Updated: 23rd May 2009 at 2:59 AM
Category: Lodging
lot size: 5x5
Neighborhood: twikki island
lot type: seaside
furnished: totally
tested: yes, as usual i've tested a clone
price/night: 700-900 §

After many(and many) attempts I managed to build bungalows over maxis sea.
Lodging is tested a lot of time and all works perfectly.

I built huts on second floor, first is lowered with cfe cheat because sea and waves entered in rooms. Now waves enter a little bit in the first and second hut from left, only in the bathrooms (little foam, not water nor sea)- i don't know why - other huts are completely dry : )
You will see your sims in the middle of the beach go down with stairs (not visible because covered by the terrain) and go to the platform to enter bungalows. This is the way I found to connect the areas.
Sims can of course swim in the sea.

Best bungalow is the first from right.
Lodging has large pool, bar, restaurant with tables near pool, massage area, rock thermal pool, reception with snacks.


diving board recolour by soccerskyman, download here

Lot Size: 5x5
Lot Price: 700-800 §

Custom Content by Me:
- StoneThatch floor

Custom Content Included:
- Worn Beach Fence by Adele by Adele @ mts2
- Recolour of camadoble people bed by nazariopilar @ http://nazariopilar.blogspot.com
- Floor Brown Lattice by the_alien_among_us @ mts2
- Project "Tobacco" Livingroom - floorby Margierytkahttp://forum.simsweb.pl  by Margierytka @ mts2
- Recolour of pixelsims window by miss-piggi @ http://www.piggis-sims.net/
- Recolour of pixelsims window 2 by miss-piggi @ http://www.piggis-sims.net/
- carved wood wall by OM @ http://jaue.com/avalon
- Grey Water Tile 1 by sarah1141 @ mts2
- camadoble people by nazariopilar @ mts2
- bec_floor by Tribecca @ tribeccasims2.com
- bec_slatsv3_wall by Tribecca @ tribeccasims2.com
- MMSC Decor Thatched Roof 4x4 by Mastermax @ sims2cri.com
- MMSC Decor Thatched Roof L8x5 by Mastermax @ sims2cri.com
- MMSC Decor Thatched Roof Z4x8 by Mastermax @ sims2cri.com
- Waterfall Matching Rock by by Marvine @ mts2
- Waterfall Matching Rock 3 by by Marvine @ mts2
- Waterfall Matching Rock 9 by by Marvine @ mts2
- Jonesi Stepping Stone 1 by By Jonesi (ReflexsimsForum&MTS2)
- floor tile by Betontod @MTS2
- wall tobacco by by Margierytka @ mts2
- Vertical Round Column by HugeLunatic @ mts2
- Monsoon Fence B by Made by Moune999 @ mounes-neighbourhood
- recolor of NyemoCurtain by Made by Moune999 @ mounes-neighbourhood
- Nyemo Curtain by Made by Moune999 @ mounes-neighbourhood
- maltha wall by By Maltha002 / Isle of Maltha
- ATS Sunny Sunday - Living - Table by Sandy of Around the Sims 2
- Table recolour by Sandy of Around the Sims 2
- Sims2Cri Naturless MMSC Bamboo Column by MasterMax @ sims2.cri
- ErgoSupreme Dining Chair by taroo @ http://www.tarox4sims2.de/
- lying palm by Ciboulette by ciboulettebis @ mts2
- Recolour of dresser by funny2401 @ pimpmysims
- gardenhammock by Jope @ simplystyling.de
- Recolour of gardenhammock by Jope @ simplystyling.de
- Chrissies Wardrobe by Funny2401 at pimp-my-sims
- Curved Middle Window by Helena at Pixel Sims
- Curved Side Window by Helena at Pixel Sims
- Tropical wallpapers by samba @ sims2design.pl

Additional Credits:
thanks to Sandy @ aroundthesims2.com for her permission to include ATS objects in my lots