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Apartment Life: Vintage Style Socialite Set

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Uploaded: 31st May 2009 at 7:11 PM
This horrendous set from Apartment Life looked so sad sitting in my game never being used so I gave it a darker reupholstering for my more tasteful sims. Hope it is of use to someone else

The recolors are of Apartment Life's Socialite collection:

Eloquent Divinity Dining Chair
Eloquent Divinity Living Chair
Curvaceous Love
Riveting Rivets
Eloquence Elongated Floor Lamp
Eloquent Touch Wall Lamp
"Full of It" Coffee Table by E. Klektik
Four Feet and a Disk by E. Klektik
Fancy-Shmancy by E. Klektik
The Eleafquent Mirror
Steps of Style
Double Eloquence Doorway

Also some recolors of the fantastic cushion mesh from Parsimonious . The mesh is included.