Decorative "Dummy" Doors

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Uploaded 2nd Jun 2009 at 3:17 PM · Updated 5th Jun 2009 at 9:36 PM by AmberDiceless

06/05/09: Please note! I have now made new versions of these decorative doors that are repository-linked to matching real doors! Find them here: Keep reading for dummy door details.


Have you ever tried to build a Sim house based on a real house or house plan, only to run into trouble trying to place a door in a difficult spot where a Sim couldn't actually use it anyway? I have, and that's why I made these decorative "dummy" doors. Cloned from MaryLou's enhanced window templates, these authentic but non-functioning doors are perfect for tiny closets, doors that open onto nothing, back doors you'd prefer not to attract NPC's, and any other spots where you might need a door that's not really a door.

These "doors" can be placed much more freely than the real thing in tight areas and adjacent to other doors and objects. Unlike actual doors, they will not create indestructible floor tiles on either side of the wall. Sims will not attempt to go through them, though they might occasionally try to look through or clean them. (As an added bonus, I am assured by someone who knows these things that they consume fewer game resources than a usable door as well.)

The dummy door with window permits light to enter when placed on an exterior wall; the solid one does not.

Four meshes are included (two doors styles with straight and diagonal versions) and eight recolors. I left them in the catalog under windows so they cannot easily be mistaken for a regular door while building.

Polygon Counts:
valuedoor_dummy_window_diag: 500
valuedoor_dummy_window: 500
valuedoor_dummy_solid_diag: 504
valuedoor_dummy_solid: 504

Additional Credits:
Thanks to MaryLou for her helpful enhanced templates for windows:

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