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*UPDATED* Testers Wanted: 21 Recolored Card Tables

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Uploaded: 29th Dec 2004 at 3:06 PM
Updated: 13th Oct 2008 at 5:22 PM by -Maylin-
*Updated for EP*

UPDATE: I Added 6 More. :0)

After alot of failed atempts, and 3 hours later, they are finished. You don't know how long 3 hours REALLY is, until you've tried making these darn things. And do you know what took up half that time? Taking the darn screenshots for these silly things to show you what they look like in a room. So you know what? You ARE going to download these. Now. And you ARE going to like them. And You ARE going to play with them in your game. Understand? *slowly goes crazy*

Anyways...the 15 patterns that these come in are;

Solid Black

Money Pattern
Fire Pattern
Brown Stone Pattern
Camoflauge Pattern
Purple/Green/Blue Stripes Pattern

Red & Green Plaid
Red Plaid

<Insert name here because I can't think of a name of this one> Pattern

Green Marble
Blue Marble

Little Black Flowers
Blue Flowers(Very Pretty, I must say)
Yellow/Orange Flowers

White Flowers
Smiley Faces Pattern
Grey Marble
Black/White/Grey Plaid
Peachy & White Pattern
Green/White Fuzzy Pattern

Just as a note, the name of the .packages are NOT named according to what they look like, so if you don't like one, you will have to delete it from In-Game. At 3 am in the Morning, I wasn't quiet awake when I made these.

If you have a request for these ugly things, let me know.

Screenshots are of course, also in zip. Click the attatchments to enlarge, and you BETTER enjoy them. :0)

NOTE: This is a Beta Test Recolor. Please understand the possibilities of conflicts, textures disappearing or reappearing, etc. For more information on Beta Test Recolors and to understand it more, please read the About Beta Testers sticky posted by Loverat. I will not post anything that doesn't work in my game. If you have a problem or issue, please, just delete it or contact me via Private Messages and I'll do my best to help.