Five Various Patterns ~ Grunge to Retro to Kids!

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Uploaded: 2nd Jul 2009 at 12:04 AM
Thanks to HP, MetalKat, and Delphy ... I've finally been able to wrap my brain around making custom content! Here are five patterns from my collection ... I tried to grab ones that I hadn't really seen or felt were under-represented. These all work well in any of the categories, from clothes to furniture to walls!

Here's a preview .gif that I can't believe I actually figured out how to make ... the nicer hi-res images are below!

Included are:

"Retrometry" ~ A retro-geometric pattern, binned under geometric.

"Rockin' Paisley" ~ I haven't seen enough paisleys and I love them, so here's my version. Binned under abstract.

"Simple Dove" ~ I mostly use this one for clothing, but it makes a dramatic focus wall or interesting upholstery, too! Binned under abstract.

"Grunge Flowers" ~ This is my attempt to make a vintage wallpaper. Instead of dirty, I tried to make it look worn. I really like it on clothing and upholstery. Binned under abstract.

"Flower Pop" ~ I love this one for kid's clothes, furniture, and walls. Binned under abstract.

I've never actually done any graphics editing or anything like this before, so this was a huge (but fun!) challenge for me. The pictures at the bottom are labelled so you can pick and choose what you like from the .zip file. Please enjoy! I'ma go play my game now (^_^)

Patterns in different colors:

And Retrometry in different colors:

Additional Credits:
Delphy for his pattern packager and HP and MetalKat for their super awesome best tutorials.