St Mary the city church - a great place for weddings and funerals

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The city church St Mary is situated on 415 Skyborough Bvd. It is the perfect place for your Sims to celebrate a wedding or a funeral. In the small graveyard your Sims can burry their dead and go there to mourne.

Besides the church is a small park with a lily pond, a party area with a music pavillon for dancing. Sims can serve a buffet for their guests. Even toilets are provided.

Spiritual Sims can go to the church to light a candle, to pray, to confess or to simply read their bible.
Celebrate with your loved ones!

Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price: $47,955

This church can only be placed on a community lot!


1. The Sims who are going to mary should be engaged and in romantic mood.
2. Let one of them use the mobile phone and choose "Throw party at ..." in the menu.
3. Choose St. Mary as destination on the map.
4. The "Destination Party" Menu pops up. Choose the sims you want to see at your wedding party.
5. Let bride and groom stand in front of the altar. (Go here)
6. If they are engaged and in a loving mood the option "Ask to marry" should be available. The wedding starts enjoy it, although you won't be able to throw rice.
7. Go to the buffet and choose "Serve".
8. Turn on the music in the pavillon.
And they lived happily ever after!

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