Higher Bills - No money for you! Now in SEVEN exciting flavours!

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Uploaded: 27th Jun 2009 at 10:27 PM
Updated: 24th Jun 2010 at 11:41 PM - added smarmy compatibility note
This mod works with everything the game's added so far, up to Ambitions. It is compatible with all mods that do not affect bill amounts and dates. I am unsure if it works with the "automatic payment" mod some people have mentioned, because I like forgetting to pay the bills and watch my simlings weep openly as a grey-clothed person sucks their belongings into hammerspace. I don't plan on finding out. Also unsure if this works with the "never have any bills ever" lifetime bonus thing, because I do not like that.

I brought you crappy beds with normal sleeping times. Now I bring you gigantic bills.

Tired of sims having obscene amounts of money after one age phase? Do you currently have sims suffering in salacious poverty but think you could do them a bit better? Have you had the desire to look at the bill amount, look at available simoleons on hand, and emit a sad laugh?

You can do all these and more with this mod, in three amazing flavours! There's "Double the Bills" Blue Raspberry, "Quadruple me, Captain!" Red Cherry, and "Octobilling Orange".

Current bill amounts are 1.3% of material wealth. This mod will give you the option of twice-weekly bills of 2.6%, 5%, or 10%. If you want to pay your bills on Friday like all good people do, the lumped bills will be what you want. They come in the same flavours, but only arrive once a week at double the amount (effectively equal to how much you'd pay with the normal billing system). Lumped bills also include the "No Way, Dude!" Normal flavour for those of you who want to have tiny stupid easymode bills but don't want to pay them two times a week.

It should go without saying but please install only one flavour of this mod. Blue Raspberry cannot mix with Red Cherry, nor can it mix with Octobilling Orange. Do not mix the lumpy bills with each other, or with the any of the aforementioned flavours. If you mix them, you will die in real life.

You do not want to die in real life, so please - install only one of these bill mods. It is compatible with my bed energy hack and the Awesome Mod. It will probably not be compatible with a hack that reduces or otherwise modifies bills, following the same "do not mix Blue Raspberry and Red Cherry" line of reasoning.