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Château de Artois

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Uploaded: 1st Jul 2009 at 9:22 PM
Updated: 25th Oct 2009 at 12:53 PM
Château de Artois was built by Louis XIV and was completed in 1704. It was originally located in the Pas-de-Calais department of the Artois region in Northern France and was gifted to Lady Elizabeth Huffington of Wessex in 1710. The château was moved to Sunset Valley with the 'save to library' tool in 1993.

  • 13 bedrooms(+private study)
  • 5 bathrooms
  • 4 sitting/living rooms
  • Library(2 levels)
  • Staff kitchen, lounge and bathroom
  • Function room
  • Nursery(+children's retreat)
  • 19 balconies
  • Large kitchen
  • 3 courtyard areas
  • 2 pools
  • Head maid's living quarters
  • 3 liveable stories(+head maid's living quarters)
  • Completely furnished

*Note: The Head maid's quarters are located under the stairs located to left of the entrance yard. This area includes 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and 1 living area.

I'm sorry I couldn't include any more images of the house, it is very large. Please be patient when placing the lot as it can take some time.

Custom content used: 'Country Mansion Curtain', 'Whodunnit Curtain', 'Statue of an Unknown Seamstress', and 'Cornucopia[painting]'.

Price(furnished): §1,380,129
Price(unfurnished): §575,384

Some say the widow Lady Huffington tried to remove the statue of Lord Huffington (after a faux pas Ambrosia recipe caused his death in 1713) in the entrance yard and, immediately after being knocked over, it reappeared. The venture was abandoned after the seventh attempt. It may also be noted that this château was the first to utilise Dr Jean Villier's chimney-less fireplace. It uses a semi-permeable brick of smoke-absorbing material composed of alpaca saliva and llama excrement.

The main kitchen includes the 'MinusOne Kelvin Refrigerator' (cooks perfect meals) and the 'Food Replicator'. I recommend that you fireproof the smaller fireplaces as they are known to be frequent fire-starters.

Lot Size: 6x6

Disclaimer: Any references to the Icelandic flag are completely coincidental.

Author Note: Please include my name or link to this page if you upload this anywhere; I have found people trying to pass it off as their own work.