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"Project Ico" ~ 2 new outfits and meshes

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Uploaded: 5th Jul 2009 at 8:04 PM
I love Ico and Yorda, and wanted to play them as sims, so I figured I'd make their outfits, but they just didnt look right on any of the Maxis meshes, so, I figured I'd give it a shot and make some meshes that would better suit how they look in the PS2 game. These are my first mesh uploads..

Ico : child male outfit

For Ico, he's wearing a tunic over capri-like pants, with a tabard over his tunic. His is an alpha mesh, I edited a Maxis basegame mesh to make his tunic and pants, and the tabard is the alpha piece, its kinda separate from the rest of the shirt

Ico's horns: child accessory,in glasses category

These were the hardest to make for me, since I've never done an accessory before, but he definitely needed his horns in order to look right. Horns are modified from the adult viking hat, scaled down and altered to fit a child. I fixed them so they show for all clothing categories,so they should stay on when changing to pj's, formal etc.

Yorda : teen female dress

For Yorda, parts of her skirt and sleeves are all wispy and transparent, so she needed an alpha mesh to get that effect. Teen hula outfit was used as the base, then I edited the top parts of the mesh, and gave it transparent sleeves.

Though I doubt anyone would wanna use my meshes, just in case:
Usage Policy
You can use my meshes to make recolors, and you CAN include the meshes in your uploads, as long as you give credit OR a link to the thread =)
For textures, you can recolor/modify, just give credit =)

Polygon Counts:
Ico's outfit : polygon count 1990
child horns accessory : polygon count 652
Yorda's dress: polygon count 2833

Additional Credits:
special thanks to Tiggerypum, Hysterical Paroxysm,CatofEvilGenius,MiniNessie, and Dr.Pixel for all of the wonderful tutorials on meshing,alpha meshes,and accessories =)
and of course thanks to the creators of SimPE, milkshape, and
Wes_h for his Unimesh plugins =)

Custom content on models:
Ico: hair by raonjena, eyes by Enayla,eyeliner by rensim
Yorda: hair by rose (recolored for personal use) ,Dollskin by [email protected], eyes by Enayla, eyeshadow by barcelonista,eyeliner helaene