Crust & Punk Shirts for YAM/AM!

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Uploaded: 14th Jul 2009 at 1:18 AM
Updated: 16th Jul 2009 at 12:01 AM - re-uploading the file because i fixed the alpha so that the "doom" logo looks much better when recolored
i edited the doom alpha, as suggested by carlzilla, so that the logo stays intact when editing the t-shirt color. what i mean by this is that in the previously file, when you would change the color of the doom shirt, the coloring in the police man's face would also change, making the logo look pretty lame. now the logo with stay in b&w (looking like a patch on the shirt) so that any recoloring you do in-game will look nice. if you only use these shirts in b&w, then a re-download is not necessary. see the thread comments below for a picture.


ahhh i did it! this is my first upload for the sims 3, & after fudging around for ages i got it down! these are 4 binned t-shirts for young adult & adult males. they are stencils, which means you can edit the color & pattern of the actual t-shirt behind the logo. i would suggest keeping it to darker colors, though, which look best.


leftöver crack



& two examples of recolors

Additional Credits:
much kudos to delphy for the unitool & to randomnoir for answering all of my dumb questions!