Buyable Fishing Spawners *UPDATED*

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Uploaded: 24th Jul 2009 at 1:09 AM
Updated: 26th Jul 2009 at 7:16 PM
Now your sims can fish at home!

EDIT - Yes, you could always fish at home, but these allow you to catch fish that you couldn't before.

Simply go into Build mode and find all the fishing spawners under the 'Rocks' category (there are no miscellaneous or fishing categories, so I simply chose rocks.) And place them in a pond. Placing them in a pool or on solid ground does nothing.

EDIT - Seems I'm wrong, placing them on solid ground does NOT do nothing. When the spawner is placed, it is placed underground. So placing a spawner, then digging a pond over that spot will still get the fish to show up. And leveling your pond does not delete the fish, it simply hides them.

They can't be seen once placed, but if they were placed in a pond, they can still be picked up and moved, just kinda wave your pointer around until you can click on them.

They don't have any discernable thumbnails, but the titles are fairly self-explanatory. Each spawner is labeled as to what fish can be caught. For example "Fishing Spawner Lake Common 1" or "Fishing Spawner Lake Common 2" will have the freshwater common fish.

They are free to place.

They do NOT replace any original content, I simply created a clone of each spawner and enabled them in build mode under the rocks category.

For a list of which fish appear as common, uncommon, rare, lake (fresh water), and ocean (salt walter), and what skill levels you need to catch them, click here.

I've tested these and found no problems, but if you find something I haven't, please let me know.


I've replaced the ugly 'box' tumbnails with some more appropriate ones. That way they won't be confused with the other spawners (beetles, rocks, butterflies, etc) that I will be doing soon.

Just redownload and replace/overwrite the original.

Thanks to Srikandi for ideas, testing, carifications, etc.