Starfleet Officer Career

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I'm probably not going to go into alot of detail, because personally, I love to be surprised by my careers! But I will give you the list of career levels, and the opening paragraphs, as well as the wages, hours and days!

Before I do, let me tell you a few things:

a) it has been tested, is base game compatible, and EP ready. So whether you only have the Base Game, or all of the Sims 2 expansions, this game should work for you!

b) I debated long and hard about whether to link an outfit to this one, but in the end, chose not to. This allows you to dress your Sims in whatever Uniform you prefer, whether it be TOS or Voyager, or anything in between!

c) It uses the Captain Hero FlyAway for the car and I've linked the Teleprompter as a reward. Personally, they look like they're being transported, so I love the effect. It also has it's own custom icons.

Okay, on with the details....

1: Ensign $250 - M, Tu, W, Th, Fr, Sat - 10 pm to 10 am

Upon graduation from Starfleet Academy you've been posted to the U.S.S. Exetor as their pilot. Keep your nose clean and your eyes on the controls and you may just earn those wings!

2: Lieutenant Junior Grade $350 - M, Tu, W, Th, Fr, Sat - 9 pm to 9 am

Flushed with success from your brief stint as pilot, you've not only earned the title, "Lt. Jr. Grade", but you've caught your Captain's eye as well! Keep up the good work and your next posting will be guaranteed.

3: Lieutenant $475 - M, Tu, W, Th, Fr, Sat - 8 pm to 8 am

After a few minor mishaps you were more than nervous when Captain Addleton called you into his Ready Room. But you can rest easy! Your promotion has come through!

4: Lieutenant Commander $525 - M, Tu, W, Th, Sat - 7 pm to 5 am

Accepting the praise from your fellow officers, you force yourself to act humble as you accept your new rank. But don't let it go to your head, as being demoted is often only one bad decision away, and you can't afford to make a mistake now.

5: Commander $655 - M, Tu, W, Fr, Sat - 5 pm to 3 am

One more step on the ladder of success brings you closer to your dream. Keep your eyes on the prize as you enjoy your new position as "Number One."

6: Captain $893 - M, Tu, W, Th, Fr - 3 am to 1 pm

It's a tough galaxy out there, but you've managed to prove you've got what it takes! So straighten out that shirt and report for duty, you've got a ship to run. Can anyone say "Engage"?

7: Rear Admiral $1,235 - M, Tu, W, Th, Fr - 4 am to 1 pm

"To boldly go" is the motto written across your heart, and today it's your turn to shine. Polish those Starfleet issued boots, dust off that Dress uniform and prepare to shake a lot of hands.

8: Vice Admiral $2,136 - M, Tu, W, Th - 5 am to 1 pm

Break out the bubbly and head down to Ten-Forward. Word's out that you've finally reached the 'big time'. Enjoy it while you can...but remember all of us little people who helped you get there.

9: Admiral $3,722 - M, Tu, W, Th - 6 am to 1 pm

While you've watched others fizzle out your own star has been rising! Congratulations on the shiny new Pips, and while you're at it, please prepare to push a lot of paper.

10: Fleet Admiral $6,358 - Tu, W, Th - 8 am to 1 pm

This is it. The Big Cheese. The Top Banana. Now you can push those pesky Captains around and terrify those lowly Ensigns. Enjoy it here at the top. You deserve it!