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TOS Enterprise

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Uploaded: 29th Jul 2009 at 3:10 PM
The Old Enterprise it is fully functional meaning all the rooms are accessible
I think there is only one chair on the bridge that cannot be used
It has crew quarters all 3 colors, it has a kitchen diguised as an engine room and The bridge is as close I cam come based on what Sims have to offer. it even has the captains private bedroom on the saucer section along with a rec center and commissary and a transporter room
However Since I created it without sims there is no actual Transporter as in the game
I do hope you enjoy it as it was a labor of Love -----PS If you downloaded the previous version Just junk it in favor of this one

Lot Size: 40 x 40
Lot Price:Unfurnished =99,294
Lot Price:furnished =172,592
Additional Credits: