Beaded Bodice Wedding Gown

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Uploaded: 31st Jul 2009 at 11:10 AM
I love planning Sim weddings, and I don't feel as if any of the default dresses in the game are "wedding-like" enough, so I bring to you a Kirstie Kelly based dress. It is not an exact replica of any dress, but it was inspired by her fashion

This dress features a fully beaded bodice with buttons in the back, and a slit with embroidery design. I apologize for the slightly dark picture of the back showing the detailed buttons, you can also see the back buttons in the full body shot.

This dress is enabled for Young Adults and Adults. It is enabled in Formal wear and Career (i.e. International Super Spy).


There is only one re-colorable area, and that is the dress itself. The dress is meant to be a wedding gown, so it is meant for the colour white, or pale pastel colours. Darker colours work as well, of course, but the darker you go, the less noticeable the beading will become (please see attached screenshot of dark colours).

I hope you like what I have created and enjoy

Additional Credits:
+ Delphy's MultiPack Installer
+ TSR Workshop
+ Kirstie Kelly Couture!!