Maxis-Match Zabrak Horns for Child - Elder

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Uploaded: 2nd Aug 2009 at 1:27 AM
Someone on InSim requested these, and they came out pretty good. I thought the Star Wars simmers might like them.

Zabraks are a species from Star Wars. As you can see, they have horns as the creation shows. But they can also have hair, so that's why these horns are accessories.

More info on Zabraks:

Anyways, these should be easy to recolor.


Polygon Counts:
Adult Female -
Faces: 407
Vertices: 256

Adult Male -
Faces: 411
Vertices: 258

Teen Female -
Faces: 276
Vertices: 192

Teen Male -
Faces: 411
Vertices: 258

Child -
Faces: 279
Vertices: 192

Additional Credits:
VaccumMelon @ MTS2 - Eyes