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"Go With Everything" Skirts and Pants for Granny (UPDATED 12/8/2010)

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Uploaded: 15th Aug 2009 at 4:41 AM
Updated: 11th Jan 2012 at 6:36 PM
UPDATE 12/8/2010 Better fabric folds on the Hampton skirt (see image below). Please redownload Hampton skirts, new files will overwrite old ones. Also, check out the updated blouse mesh for the blouse shown with the beige skirt.


These are skirts and pants that "go with everything", almost.

You need MESHES to see this clothing

- Cocomama's Hampton skirt
- Cocomama's uberskirt
- t2suggas elder skirt (shown with my untuckable version)
I made black with tights, if you want black without tights, look here
- default replacement slacks (in post #3)
My pants recolor also fits the EA mesh, if you don't want my default.

I made tucked and untucked versions of everything, except the uberskirt.

Where do I get the shirts?

On the MTS main page, click the Downloads button.
Click BodyShop, then click Clothing.
In Search and Filter, check these checkboxes:
Age:Elder, Gender:Female, Outfit Type: Top
Click the Filter button. There you go.

Shirts shown were made by these MTS creators: Cocomama, plasticbox, t2suggas, tamo, SunnyMonster, myself, and also by All About Style

Thanks Thanks to the creators of GIMP, LithUnwrap, MilkShape, and plugins, for great tools. Thanks to citrusmoon for the tiling drops texture. Thanks to t2suggas and Cocomama for meshes.

Additional Credits
skin: Idolatry of Flesh by HP (faces changed by me)
eyes: Keen Eyes by Phaenoh
eyebrows: dragonmandy's brows made into defaults by me