Deco 2 Story Colonial Column

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Uploaded 18th Aug 2009 at 4:49 PM · Updated 17th Aug 2009 at 5:54 PM by Fresh-Prince

I was very upset when the game came and there was no 2 story columns to be found. So, here's a simple solution until EA gives them to us.

This is a 2 story version of the Colonial Column. It still acts as a 1 story column, but usually there aren't any problems with roofing as long as you put flooring down. The middle texture is stretched, but still looks fine on most patterns.

So, enjoy this new deco item! It will complete the look to many houses! :D
The Item can be found in Buildmode under columns. It cost $300.

Polygon Counts:
Same as original.

Additional Credits:
DD, Wes, Inge, Delphy, and everyone else for all the tools and programs that allowed me to do this.