German Shepherd Collie Mix

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Uploaded: 8th Sep 2009 at 8:39 PM
Updated: 17th Feb 2011 at 9:37 PM
At first I wasn't going to upload this pet, but I promised my sis that I would, so here she is...Pepper.

Pepper is my sister's dog and she was a rescue so we don't know how old she is, but due to her hyperness, we're guessing that she's no more than 4 years old. Also because she was a rescue dog we have no idea what kind of mix she is for sure, but I'm pretty sure she has some kind of Collie in her as her snout is very long and skinny, also because of her white markings. And because she obviously has the traditional German Shepherd markings I'm positive that she is part German Shepherd. All that being said, she is a very sweet and needy dog. Because of her long fur, she sheds A LOT. She also NEEDS LOTS of attention. Although at the moment she knows no commands, I'm sure once she gets some basic obedience training she will be a star! I hope your sim families enjoy this loveable pooch as much as me and my family do! Happy Simming to all

Install Instructions

Because MTS2 no longer accepts Sims 2 Pack files I have uploaded every one of my creations by first converting them to a .zip file. To 'extract' the files you WILL NEED Winrar, also please note that you WILL ALSO NEED the Sims2Pack Clean Installer to use this. I have packaged this while I had Mansion & Garden Stuff, Kitchen and Bath Interior Design Stuff, Glamour Life Stuff, and Sims 2 Deluxe installed. For those of you who DO NOT own these Sp's/EP's, you WILL be required to use the Clean Installer. If you DO NOT have those SP's/EP's PLEASE follow these intructions:

  • Download and install the Sims2Pack Clean Installer
  • Download and install WinRAR
  • Extract the Sims 2 Pack file from the .zip package
  • Right click on the Sims 2 Pack file and 'open with Sims2Pack Clean Installer
* Please note that if you simply double click on the Sims 2 Pack file, the item you are trying to install WILL NOT be compatible, which is why you HAVE TO right click and and use the 'open with...' command *

(Since I have been having issues with my Sims 2 game I have recently uninstalled ALL SP's and have been able to successfully install EVERY one of my pets this way. There should be no reason that it won't work for you.)