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TSS Outfits Set

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Uploaded: 16th Sep 2009 at 3:14 AM
Hi, everyone! I have for you a set of TSS goodies. First I have a conversion of fanseelamb's Shorts-B-Gone: Cute Cozy TSS Tops with H&M Jeans to teen males.

Next I have separated a group of TSS tops from the skater outfits that come with TSS. I'm pretty sure the latter has been done somewhere else before but I haven't found any so I decided to upload them for you. They go great with migamoo's Set of 10 H&M Pants for the Teen Male.

Polygon Counts:
TSS Fanseelamb Outfits: 2160 (No idea why it's more than original)
TSS Shirts: 1408

Additional Credits:
Special thanks to
fanseelamb for letting me convert her wonderful outfits to teens and to cloudlessnights for her Teen Style Skater Outfit for Adults and their many wonderful creations.

Maxis for the TSS shirt textures.

Model Credits:

Eyes by: Adele, Yumedust, and Stefan.

Skin by: Bruno, HystericalParoxysm, and teru_k.

Hair by: fanseelamb and raonsims.